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Wednesday, 27 July 2005


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Congrats on the excellent hormone results!


Trust the clinic, Thalia. I think they'll tell you when there's something to worry about. Great FSH number!

Poor you... the wand monkey sounds dreadful. And poor, poor H. I agree that we sometimes forget how stressful it is for them. Good luck on your cycle.


I'm glad the doc is comfortable with your results. Don't forget too that Dr. Google is not always right. I know all too well the dangers of Dr. Googling.

Poor H, at least he shared that feeling with you rather than not saying anything. It is so hard. You want to protect them from the hurt, but you know you can't


Poor H. It is hard on the husbands. I have my fingers crossed for you and am glad that you are cleared to start.


Beautiful FSH numbers. I'm all one for questioning authority, but it sounds like your doctors have it under control this time. Best of luck with this cycle.


Focus on the positive - you've got a green light to move ahead and the road is clear. Wishing you first-time success with clomid.


Sorry the husband was taking it hard, and that the wand monkey was a little bit schizo.


Wishing you the best of luck this cycle. Don't listen to Dr Google...he's known to be a quack.

Poor H. My man never did the research etc so he always had a hard time at the doc's.


I hate male wand monkeys. They all seem to think the damn wand is a stick shift and they're Mario Andretti. I've never hadthe slightest discomfort with a woman doc!

Emily -- who will now only eat veggie burgers

Your FSH is fine. So is your E2. I have this same issue. Just had an FSH test and my E2 was 113, FSH 4, which means it's suppressing it. A level of 89 is on the higher side of normal, but not high enough to supress the FSH, so you can trust that FSH result. It's a valid one. Been round the block on this issue a lot, so trust me on this. Good luck.

B. Mare

Not to make you nuts, because I know you said they used the standard pg/ml, but I do gather that different measurments are used in the UK from the US. It's something I know I will want to know myself shortly, so I am googling away and will let you know what I come up with. Fret not!


Okay, although I've obsessed over my own numbers today, I'm going to tell you (what I should tell myself as well), numbers are meaningless, really. There are women who get pregnant with FSH in the 30's - truly. It's random/a matter of luck/time/who the fuck knows?

Good luck with the clomid. I hope you won't have to become a pincushion like the rest of us!

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