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Thursday, 14 July 2005


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As an almost-37 year old, I can tell you that I took clomid for several months for no ill effect. My 37-year old husband AlSO took it but, alas, for no effect whatsoever.


I think 10% combined with your diligence gives you an excellent shot this month.

As for the clomid, everyone is different but that's the only drug to give me hot flashes (but that's probably got more to do with my fsh levels). I did have a couple of nice follies on it each month but the time I got pregnant I had femara (and no side effects at all) to thank.

But you might not need any of that stuff.


Clomid is ok. I just get really uncomfortable before I ovulate. I am on 100mg.
I'll be getting jiggy with it next week and my husband sometimes has ..er...trouble. I think it is the pressure.


Glad everything worked out for the both of you. I'm also glad that you've found something that works to get past your husband's anxiety.

I have everything crossed for you.

Enough Already

Clomid is contraindicated in women over 35 b/c of its anti-estrogenic effect. B/c of its anti-estrogenic effect, clomid can cause a woman's endometrial lining not to develop sufficiently and be too thin for implantaion. this effect can be more pronounced in older women.

my personal opinion, clomid sucks and is not that effective. i'd skip it and go on to injectable gonadotropins.


Congrats on the successful pre-ovulation regimen. You definitely have cause for Hope to be visiting you the next couple weeks. And I completely relate to the frustration and elation caused by husbands' ability to perform. As if there isn't enough going on, to have to stress about not even getting to bat sucks royally. But it sounds like you got 3 solid hits - now hopefully at least one run will score!


Hey well done you and H - sterling effort! Hope that the next 10 days go fast and here's to some good news at the end of it.


I was 38 when I started on clomid, if I had it to do all over again I'd skip it and move on to the injectibles - I found they were actually more tolerable than clomid which made me feel very hormonal and miserable. That said, only you know what's best for you.

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