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Tuesday, 26 July 2005


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Argh, that stinks. I was so hoping that you wouldn't have to go on to the drugs.


I'm sorry, but I'm hoping the drugs do the trick!


Could your body play any more tricks on you, sorry for the disappointment. I hope the drugs are all you need too.


I find the peeing on a stick to be even more reliable to immediately starting a period than even new, expensive, white underwear.

So sorry to hear it's CD1 for you but thinking and hoping the drugs will do their trick.

B. Mare

The drugs, the drugs! BRING ON THE DRUGS! Hoping for great things for you.


I'm so sorry. Good luck with the drugs.


Take it from me, the drugs can work wonders. I'm hoping for the best for you.


Crap. Sorry. Try heavy drinking, it did wonders for my state of mind.


That's just wrong! Temp up and then bleed before the test reacts! Aaargh! Horrendous. But ok...bring on the drugs and yep fingers crossed and here's hoping!

Susan / holdingpattern

I'm so sorry, Thalia.

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