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Monday, 04 July 2005


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It might be worth it to go off the herbs for a bit and see what your cycle does on its own, but that's just my opinion.


I would suggest you stop all of those things and see what happens. I haven't had really good results w/ Vitex. I'm stopping it myself.

Evening Primrose stimulates progesterone, you actually want to take it in the last half of your cycle rather than the first half according to my acupuncturist.

Don't freak out, ask your mother when she began menppause, I'm sure you're at least a decade away from having to worry about it.


Hi, just finding your blog the first time. Unfortunately I don't know anything about herbs--I'm still learning about them myself, and whether any would be useful for me.

In general i think doing some detox- of-the-system is a good thing (here I'm just commenting on health in general, rather than infertility in particular), mostly because once you're taking suplements to ease the symptoms of other suplements, it's hard to know what YOUR body needs, rather than the drugs.

Best of luck!


I was going to take Vitex but I am on bromocriptine and they interact negatively. I take EPO, Flaxseed, berocca tablets and a womany magnesium type thingie. I worry that I am overdosing but I think its had positive impact on my PMS symptoms.
Your periods look irregular rather that shortening but I'm no doctor! Prior to Clomid, mine were 27, 28, 28, 26...


I would say go see a naturopath, someone who really knows about this stuff. I think when we take herbs and supplements one of two things is happening: (1) they don't do anything, in which case no harm done but money wasted, or (2) they do do something, in which case the effects could be beneficial but could also be harmful if we're not using them at the right time or for the right condition, or are using them in combination with something that alters their effects. So dosing ourselves without a fully thought-out approach guided by someone who's trained in this stuff seems like not a great idea.

Having said that, I found out this morning that the Chinese herb formula prescribed by the acupuncturist I went to costs $500!!!!! for one month's supply. There is NO WAY I can pay that. So I am back to taking $29.99 "Fertility Blend," and not at all practicing what I am preaching.


I agree with finding someone specific. I think the Chinese herbs are actually brilliant and my cycle has been very regular as a result, but they are expensive. I was on them for six months and now am easing off a bit.


I see a naturopath and ever since I went off the chinese herbs and only worked with the naturopath's supplements (and she explains everything in there and why I'm taking it, unlike the bag of mystery twigs I got from Dr. NasTea), my periods are a bit heavier (they were too light) and are more consistently 26,27 or 28 days unlike the cycles I was getting, which, like yours were 23, 24,27,25...etc.

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