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Wednesday, 08 June 2005


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I think you should try for a holiday - even if it's quite short. Otherwise the summer will just slip out of your fingers.

I don't know if you like France but I have found that you can basically pick any remote pretty area and stay in "Gites de France" which will feed you and are often cheap and wonderful. We never had trouble finding a bed and it was very romantic. You can get the Gites de France guide for a specific region and then just toodle around and call around. When we found a really nice one we'd stay a few extra nights. It was very soothing and mellow and pretty much spontaneous.


I urge you to plan a real vacation and forget about trying to schedule it around your cycle. It's not just our bodies we need to worry about - but peace of mind too, and vacations can do wonders. Through my couple of years of infertility I try to keep reminding myself not to put other aspects of my life on hold, 'cuz I think that's the one thing I'll truly regret down the line.


I'm a big fan of just scheduling a vacation and making the rest work. When we first started all the art crap I didn't want to take anytime off and found myself getting crankier and more stressed. Then I decided to just plan the other parts of my life and work everything else out.

A couple of my favorite places in the world are Portugal (around Lagos) and Scandanavia--I was blown away by Denmark when I was there years ago and incredibly impressed with Sweden just a few years ago. Those are all fairly close to you for a short holiday at least?

Oh and don't worry at all about flying during the 2ww. NOTHING you do during that time can actually effect a pregnancy--you can drink, do drugs, loads of caffeine, whatever.


Even though it can be a pain, I agree with planning something. The worst thing to do is lay low and do nothing, you will be so glad you go once you are on your vacation. It is always best to be active.

I say GO!!! somewhere, anywhere


Go away - don't forget all you have to do is relax to get pregnant LOL.

Take a break during your two week wait, go some place relaxing, go to a spa, do what ever you most wish. Life has got to go on, don't let IF rule.


I could have written this post myself. Don't know what the answer is. No summer plans here, and no happier about it than you are. Let us know what you come up with!


I haven't had an enjoyable vacation in so long. I wouldn't even know how to advise you. I think whoever said plan the vacation, and make the rest work around that, is smart. Good luck!


We have been threatening to go south for spring break every year for the last four, and haven't done so ... something I regret dearly. I say go.


Having just come back after a 2 week break, I say that you just have to decide where you are going and just go. Otherwise, after 6 years of this crap, it would have been a long time of no hols for us.

Everybody needs a break from ART and TTC and a holiday can do you the world of good. A couple of weeks away is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.

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