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Sunday, 05 June 2005


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I can't even figure out where you found the percentages...am I being dumb?


Oro - it's in the clinic data in the second half of the report. At the bottom of each page they have a table and graph to show IVF success rates for the major age groups. How does your clinic do?


I don't know about clinic data, it depends so much on the patients too.


Aromatherapy, you say?
Will that cure my endometriosis or repair my damaged tube? Bah! Hate the husband drive-bys!
About the clinic-I'd stick with the devil you know. I think the disaparity likely has to do with the stricter patient criteria at the other clinic.


Oy - aromatherapy? If it were my husband I'd assume he meant acupuncture and just used the wrong word. I'd think about asking your doc at your clinic to explain why there's such a discrepancy between the 2 clinic's numbers. His explanation (which will probably be the screening that you're already aware of) may just make you feel better about sticking with your clinic.

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