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Thursday, 23 June 2005


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Enough Already

Right. Learn to enjoy that feeling of hope. I swear, at some point I think I became addicted to the hope that I had during the 2 week wait; like that feeling you get when you buy a powerball ticket up until the time the numbers are drawn. During that interim period, there is that feeling that you might be a winner this time. And lets face it, the fertility game is a gamble.


The 2ww is the only time I give hope free reign. I honestly don't think it makes it any worse. And we all need a break from the gloom and doom sometime. Why not two weeks when you MIGHT be pregnant? That's better than knowing you're not.

Hang in there, hope it goes by fast for you. And that you get a positive!


Hey, I'm exactly the same. And the only time I don't get depressed when that two week wait is up is when I have heaps of work on and I'm too busy to dwell on things and before I know it I'm in that 2 week wait again...


If you can enjoy it, than do! I've surprised myself this month by actually not being so hopeful. And honestly, that's been okay too. I find myself getting ready, mentally, for IVF in 6 months, and perhaps that is making the lack of optimism more bearable for me. So, whichever way you feel, is great. Don't force yourself into thinking you should be feeling something else.

Chee Chee

I think it's wonderful to be hopeful, just let yourself enjoy the possibility of new life. This is the first cycle (I'm maybe 3-4dpo) when I am totally without hope. For the first time in months, I did no OPKs, no temps, I am waiting for a laparoscopy later this summer and given the state of affairs, I don't have the energy to even be optimistic. Yikes -- what a downer I am! Good luck to you!!!


If things don't turn out, it will suck no matter what you've done or how you've felt leading up to it, so you might as well enjoy it now.


As much as the 2ww sucks, it is also an amazing time when you can really believe that you may just be pg. It is so wonderful to fall asleep thinking "maybe" and waking up thinking "maybe".
With all our dissappointments, It's lovely to have those times when you think it just might be your turn.
Enjoy & I sincerely hope it is your turn toots.


If your mind and spirit are telling you to hope, then hope away!

still always find it so weird that we feel like hope is a feeling we have to protect ourselves from, even though that's how I feel. I will guarandamntee you that for someone who hasn't gone through this, the idea of worrying about whether or not you should hope would be incomprehensible.

I'm sure in the end that being hopeful is much better for you all around then being hopeless, so revel in it!

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