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Sunday, 19 June 2005


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Are you brave enough to post before and after pics so we can marvel at your new hair? What color did you decide to go with? I'm also in a state where I'm looking for something to do with my hair.

About the exercise in the 2ww thing, I was inseminated last Sunday and was told that I could keep with my regular exercise routine, no changes necessary. The key to the statement was that if you had been doing something for a couple months then there's no need to alter it now, esp. in the 2ww period. Once something happens and you know for sure it worked then the whole not above 140 thing would probably apply.

Enough Already

Exercise in the 2 ww. That is a tough one. I took the approach to not do anything and take it easy. The problem with that approach is that it lead to not doing anything the other 2 weeks of the month, which resulted in a decline in my fitness level. Perhaps a modified workout w/b best. When I did my donor egg IVF, I was told not to lift anything over 25 lbs during my 2ww.

On the accupuncture thing, I had 2 different results. The first time I tried it, I got pregnant in 6 weeks, but miscarried. I went right back to accupuncuture when we started trying again, 5 months went by, I quit, and then 6 weeks later, I got pregnant again - with an ectopic.

It is relaxing though.


Excellent about the hair appointment. Nothing beats leaving the salon feeling like a star. The last time I got my hair cut the bitch cut my bangs off which had taken forever to grow out. And they curve into this lovely little backwards C in the humidity. I'm buying stock in barretts.

Exercise is the eternal question for me throughout all of this crap. I have not exercised at the level that I would really love to in a long, long time. Part of me just feels like it's something that could be unhelpful (all that jostling, and what if I lose too much weight never mind the fact that I'm currently a good 10-12 pounds overweight); part of me thinks why bother exercising at a high level for two weeks, then have to slow down to a crawl when my ovaries grow to the size of grapefruits and may explode if I overdo it; and I'm sure part of me is just LAZY and using this as an excuse not to get out there and get in kick ass shape.
So, I've just kind of taken to doing aqua aerobics and the eliptical machine and yoga (although my RE says not to do that during the 2ww)so that I'm still moving, but looking at it more as a stress reliever than a quest to be in awesome shape. And as far as the lifting restrictions go, I have a 30 pound toddler, so I'm going to have to do some sort of lifting. I asked my doc about that and he said just be careful with it. As my doc put it the first time I got pregnant, the pregnancy isn't high risk (at least in my case it wasn't, and I'm guessing it's not in yours if it's even a question for you) it's precious. So if there is the potential you have a precious pregnancy, I think you do whatever feels right for you as long as your BMI is staying in a healthy range.


Well, I have no direct experience with this, but as an ice hockey fanatic I do know a number of women who have continued to play through their first trimester with no problems. That definitely gets your heartrate above 140! My doc also said after my IUI to just keep doing whatever I normally do so for the moment I'm taking that at face value and continuing to play hockey, volleyball, ride my bike and lift weights. I figure those things really help keep my stress level down, and that's way more likely to cause problems than exercising. Not that I have any idea what I'm talking about! I agree with Tania, I think you have to do what you're comfortable with.


Thanks for visiting my blog. I still go to the gym during the 2ww and doe Tae-Bo (love those roundhouse kicks!) although I may stop and just do gentle exercise on the treadmill! I'me put you on my blog list as well.


Yoga is suppose to be one of the best exercises for TTC and PG - it builds muscle without strain and releases stress, and you don't have to worry about doing it at the wrong time of your cycle, so that's a major plus.

Glad you got a good coiffure!


Well, I've conceived while going running during the two-week wait and also while carefully doing nothing during the two-week wait. And I always miscarry. Now I don't exercise at all. I don't want to stress my body pre-O and I don't want to feel there's anything I could maybe have done differrently if I conceive & miscarry. Result: I've put on about six pounds. So, I don't know what to tell you...


Yeh, I love working out too..working out what I'm going to eat, working out if Mac Cheese really is a health food, working out how much money I've spent on pie this week, working out the likelihood of catching Listeria from the blue cheese in my pasta...

My exercise regime for the two week wait consists of wandering around in ever-decreasing circles, or walking to a chemist to buy another HPT.

By the way, you ARE posted on my guestmap. *waves*


Wow! You are thinking about excercising during 2ww? That's something that never occurred to me! I was always more interested in ways to comatose myself during 2ww!

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