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Sunday, 29 May 2005


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I'm very humbled to see someone take advice I haven't followed myself very well. It is tough being around children and babies and getting well meaning but hurtful advice from mom - we all get that I guess.

I hope the gym makes both you and your body stronger. I remember it used to do that for me.


Hey, I'm headed to the gym next week too!

I never have a hard time being around toddlers or older but sometimes little babies are still hard. I think it's just that I want one of my own so very much.

My mom used to be full of all those helpful 'tips' as well. Her best was 'you know if you adopt you just might get pregnant.' Now she knows better at least.


I feel for you - at this point it is very difficult for me to see babies and I'm going to have to see two of them very soon. In Spring is right about the gym and injections are no problem once you get the first one in.


How I used to love being around babies! I'd coo and do the whole mommie-speak thing even when we knew we would need intervention to have one of our own. But now after the stillbirth, whenever a baby is in the room or down the hall it bites and it's all I can do to flee the room immediately...

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