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Tuesday, 26 April 2005


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That's so heartwarming. Gave me goosebumps.


wow. that sounds exactly like it's supposed to be. exactly right.

ours involved a lot of laughter, which is also nice.


Sounds lovely. My Seder consisted of the children running around my not-childproof-because-it-will-never-need-to-be home and it was delightful. The parents are still thanking me for amping their children up on sugar before the afikoman. My traditions are all eastern european and not as formal. I just don't have a big enough house to do anything formal like that, plus I did all the cooking and I'm still tired :)

However, a celebration that includes a lot of laughter is always a good celebration indeed.


It sounds wonderful, and good for you for deciding so early in life that you wanted to remain connected to your heritage! Wow. Not many children have that ability to know what's good. :-)


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

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