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Sunday, 10 April 2005


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Get busy with amassing the frozen specimens! When we took a sample in, sometimes we would get as many as 4 IUI specimens per ejaculate, so you can see that just a few ejaculate could set you up for a few months. Do it! It will really take the pressure off.

I'm sorry I have no recipe ideas that won't make us fat as a house! I'm going through the same thing--really a Miss Piggy now (used to be a skinny little thing). Sigh.

B. Mare

Reading the last couple posts reminded me anew of the crazy ways infertility can conspire to screw us up and how deep the pain can run. Here's hoping you guys can find your mojo again this month, with the pressure off a bit.

Alas, I know not of low fat bread recipes. Mmmmm.....bread. Food of the Comfort Gods.


This weekend, I baked whilst wearing my jimjams. The end result was a diabetic-friendly, low-carb and protein-enriched apple, peanut butter and oatmeal cookie. Very low on the flour content, upped the oatmeal quotient and used Splenda as a sugar sub. Yum yum.

I took loads of them into work as I do not want to keep too many lying around the house. One every now and again is satisfying enough for a cookie tooth.


I love to bake but as I'm trying to take off the ten lbs per IVF I have gained, I daren't get out the cookbooks. I am glad you guys talked about it a bit and that the pressure is off for this month. If the IUI fits, wear it I say! I remember when I went in for my first IUI. The catheter was going in and I turned from my husband to my doctor and was like "Isn't one of you going to at least take me to dinner first?"

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