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Monday, 07 March 2005


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No, I don't believe stress effects fertility, not in this case. Why? Because if stress were really bad on fertility, no rape victim would ever get pregnant, and neither would any infertile.

Now, stress in general...I think we all need allt he help we can get!


But couldn't it be that stress isn't a knock-out, but it does lower your probability of success. So say your average 20 year old has a 90% chance of sperm meets egg, then in 90% of those instances fertilisation occurs, then in 90% of those instances the egg starts growing normally, and in 80% of those cases the egg implants etc...and that stress reduces all those percentages by 1%.

Then for your average 38 year-old all those percentages are substantially lower, and the stress factor perhaps higher?

So I quite see that stress cannot be a rule-out, but that it doesn't help, and possibly hinders. What do you think?

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