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Thursday, 31 March 2005


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I have an obligatory infertility canary, which is all that we can manage to look after at the moment. I would dearly love an infertility dog, and though The Dude has said he'd give in, it would detract my attention from my lovely little Desmond.


Oh, yes! I have two obligatory infertility cats, and they are WONDERFUL! A great way to release the pent-up love in your heart.


I've got two dogs but I don't know if they count as obligatory infertility pets. They were both our 'trial children.' You know, to practice on. They're both pretty neurotic so maybe that should tell us something.


We acquired an obligatory infertility dog after 18 months of trying. He is just wonderful. Neither my husband nor I had pets before but we are so glad we have our dog in our lives. We've been through some rough stuff lately and he has always been such a comfort.

Doggie Pictures:

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