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Thursday, 24 March 2005


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Hey Thalia:
I think any of those topics would be interesting to me, although I have to say that I feel best when I blog about what is interesting, current and necessary in my own life. I can remember keeping a journal as a teen and actually pretty much up until I met my husband. The ones that were the most useful and healing for me were the entries that I wrote without thinking about what people would think of me when they found my journal after I died. hehe...I was obsessed with the Diary of Anne Frank as a kid and am convinced that I will become a famous writer after my death! And when I write with that attitude, you definitely get entries from a drama queen (who spells everything correctly and never swears by the way!) When I wrote from my heart, it was quite a different story. Ok, I still rarely swear, but that's just me! Anyhow ~ if you're going to take requests, I'd love to hear more about YOU. Your weight loss journey, your thoughts on infertility ... but only if it's going to be helpful to you. I'm loving your blog by the way. You are definitely a part of MY community.

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