I'm a 38 year-old hard working professional, with an MBA, a PhD, and several careers behind me. I currently work in a high-stress, high travel environment which I sometimes love and sometimes hate. They pay me reasonably big bucks, which helps.

I got married in May 2004 to a wonderful, calm, loving man. Since then we've been trying to get pregnant to no avail. I have always, always wanted children. As a child I always looked after my younger cousins. As a teenager I spent my evenings babysitting. I have six g-ddaughters, one g-ddson and two nephews. I want my own babies!

After 18 months of trying, we're still not pregnant. We've been through investigations and interventions including an HSG, lots of blood tests, sperm analyses, a laparoscopy, a hysteroscopy, an IUI cancelled due to overresponse, an IVF nearly cancelled due to underresponse but which struggled through to the bitter end - bleeding at 8dp3dt. I have endometriosis, un-diagnosed for the previous 20 years, which was removed in May 2005 at a laparoscopy but seemed to have already returned by the time of the baseline scan for IVF in October with endometriomas present on both ovaries.

We're now waiting to be allowed to start IVF again, although first we have to decide if I need another lap to improve the access to the ovaries during IVF.