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Friday, 12 March 2010


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I still read you and all the other blogs I read when I was in the trenches, the ones that are still posting anyway. I don't post to my blog anymore and I never add new IF blogs these days. But my "fertility and infertility" category on my blogreader is still my favorite category (and the least frequently updated) and I generally check it first.


Ok, I have tried to comment on this post 3 times now and each time it tells me that typepad cannot accept the data. This has never happened to me before and I find it very ironic it happened on this particular post.

But I am here, still reading, still commenting when I am not reading with a baby in my arms (I am not good at typing one handed). I am hoping to see you in a few days.


I am still here too and love reading your posts! Please keep posting, for yourself and for us!

As for our blog, it is in deep hibernation.... Not because of lack of things to tell, but more because of lack of time/energy/want/need?. If I'd still blog I'd write about gorgeous no 1 who is the absolute love of my life!
And about no 2 that is on the way, 14 weeks now, made in Syria with just one try and with my own eggs! How's that after struggling for 5 years for Bee!

PS: same here, for some reason I had to comment three times before Typepad would accept the data!

Meg (journeytothecentre)

Thalia, I do read, I just never comment. Like ever.


Group Hug everyone!
Loving Thalia....a crowd favourite!


Thalia, I always read you always enjoy your posts! Your post about nostalgia made me tear up. After ten years trying and one late loss we finally had our little girl 10 weeks ago and as madly in love as I am, I WANt another one so badly and hate her growing out of her newborn and one month clothes!! I totally identified with the crib being gone....I LOVE babies always have and my little one is so good.
I appreciate you!! And kudos for pumping in Zurich airport!! Ix

(another) karen

still here, though reading less in general and commenting even less than before (and i never commented much to begin with!). recently went back to work full time and find huge areas of life slipping into oblivion....

still think of you though!


Like most others have said, always reading...not always commenting.


Still here, still reading, absolutely pants at commenting, and I must confess this is in part because I am still down here in Trench Childless. I just don't know what to say to posts about the sweetness of Pob or the tribulations of breastfeeding because all I CAN say is dear God, how much I want that for myself. But I really don't want to use your precious, lovely blog as a whinge-arena, or say something bone-headedly insensitive or inappropriate, so I read, mark, inwardly digest, and slope off again, vowing to do better next time.

I feel rather bad about that now. I shall do better THIS time. See? I wrote a comment.


I'm still checking in from time to time.


I'm still reading. I love the Pob updates. I rarely comment. I read in a reader on my phone when ever I have a minute. Yours was one of the first blogs I read when I started my journey and you always commented on my blog, even when I posted rarely. I feel bad I haven't commented more often, especially as I look forward to your posts and I would be so sad if you stopped blogging.


I have been a reader for a long time but went MIA for a while due to a prem baby etc. I am finding alot of my old "Blog Crowd" has either gone MIA or deleted their blogs. So now it's back to finding some new buds :-)

Luo Lin

I am barely keeping up with reading these days. I know how important comments are to you, and there have been times I didn't click through from Bloglines because I knew I wouldn't be able to comment.


I don't have a blog, I have been lurking around since before Pob though...still lurking, and have never commented. Sorry...


Get going with the self-realisation - blogging can be a bit brutal like that, can't it? Too easy to be on a different page from the other person - more so than in real life. Easier to walk away.

Anyway - I'm not as quick with reading as I used to be, but I mostly get there.



Hi--I still read! Yours is one of the first blogs I ever read years ago, so I think you will always be a favorite blogger of mine. I don't have my own blog, so I feel less connected to the community because I can't reciprocate. As a result I don't comment that much either. But I am here and still enjoy your posts!


I'm here. Commenting (though one wouldn't think it) can be such a tricky thing. I don't want to say the wrong thing, so I often say nothing at all.


I'm here too and I totally understand. My theories match entirely to Yo-Yo Mama's, so I won't reiterate what she said.

But I read every post, even if I don't comment as often as I should.



Thought I should comment too!


Well, there's a lot of comments already. I'm still reading, too.


I am definitely still reading, although I don't comment as much. Mostly it's because I don't have a lot of opportunities these days to be on the computer (I think I actually comment more than I blog when I am on).

BTW, I love reading your POB snippets even though it is written mostly for you to remember what she is doing.


Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. I like hearing about Pob because she is the same age as my daughter. I'm also debating IVF for #2 and I'm curious to see how you handle two with work. I don't think I've ever commented, but I will try to do so more in the future.


TOTALLY still here & reading and loving it all. I suck at comments these days too and also notice that I don't get the number of comments that I once did- but I think that is mostly that a large part of my blog reading world is via the world of infertility and since I am not actively trying it doesn't hold much interest.
I would actually love more Pob stories!!


Still reading, I comment when I feel I have something to say. I'll admit I'm feeling a bit angsty at the moment as I've just learned (BFN and all that) that my family's likely to end up one fewer than I'd hoped, and it's a bit difficult to come by these two-kid blogs, but I've always enjoyed your writing, hope my angst is temporary, and to continue to see and enjoy your posts.


new here. I have maybe 3 regular readers? So don't feel bad.


still here :)


I read still, rarely comment but that doesn't mean I don't care/think but maybe I should endeavour to comment if only to acknowledge or validate !

Portia P

I'm here, off and on.

I'm not doing very much commenting at the moment. It's often as much as i can do to post my own stuff!

I was AWOL for a long while - immersed in B when you conceived Junior.

I feel like asking the same questions myself as many of my 'regulars' have gone. think i've brought that on myself since B was born.

From the list above me you've a heap of followers x

Girl Detective

Have and continue to read every post. Subscribe to you on my reader.

Anna H.

I still read, Thalia, although I don't read many IF/former IF/parenting blogs any more -- sometimes they make me sad, even though I'm happy in my life. Or I feel weird commenting on parenting posts and never know if it's annoying to just write 'thinking of you' when I have nothing to offer.

I so appreciate that you've kept writing when so many others have disappeared; I have real love and admiration for those bloggers, like you, who still feel connected to that old community and want to maintain those ties.

I'm a terrible correspondent IRL and on the computer, but I do still think of you and send love to you in the UK.



I'm still reading, Thalia! I don't comment often (not that I was really terribly good about it, ever), can't even seem time to post to my own neglected blog... but still here!

Ms. C

Here and reading, even if not that often. I constantly think about you and the gals who I read while I was eyeballs-deep in treatments.


Here! Just sucky at commenting...



I'm still reading, just lousy about checking Bloglines (as is evidenced by the fact that I'm just now getting on for the first time in almost a week). But am very glad to keep up with you on FB!


Ack! I'm still reading. My feed reader is so chock full I don't get much time to comment these days, but trust me, I still read. :)


Still here, reading along. :-)


I cannot tell you the last time I read blogs, let alone commented. I'd love to echo what some of the others have written and say that I'm always reading, but I'm not reading anything, at least not with any regularity.

I'll admit to bypassing hundreds of feeds when my unread posts get to a certain point, but I *never* do that with the old guard and those of you I've been fortunate enough to meet in person. It may take me a couple of months to get around to reading, but I do eventually. Commenting, another issue entirely. Small steps.

I confess to liking the immediacy of FB, but even with that it can't replace the depth of blogging. I'll be here reading (again, eventually) for as long as you keep writing.


Guilty as charged. I despair of ever being able to keep up with all my friends from the infertility days now that my blog has become this amalgam of humor, travel, feminism, photography and whatever the heck else I manage to find the time for (which ain't much!) I'm just so out of it, needing more hours in the day than I am blessed with.

I've loved that you've stopped by to comment on my photo posts! I could talk photography into the next millennium. I miss the closeness we all had when the world was a little smaller...but, I'm also enjoying this incredible adventure that is currently occurring, even if I have so little time to visit and comment like I used to.

So this is my long-winded way of saying, you are always in my thoughts even if I'm not around like I'd like to be to comment on the regular.

country chick

OK - computer ate my comments TWICE.
But I am still here - that will have to suffice.
Hope you're feeling validated now - I think I am commenter #89!


I'm still here. Not reading as frequently as before (though that's not because of anything on your end by any stretch), but still checking in.


Erratically reading and lurking more than commenting. It's not you, it's me! Seriously broken computer and total lack of motivation to fix it.


I'm here - funny, I found you again through Beagle - you must have fallen off my bloglines. Well I'm putting you back.

Starfish (formerly from hell and high water)


Just checked in (I rarely have time for blogger anymore). I agree that Facebook has been a downfall of this too


Hi Thalia,

I sneak over for a read now and then still. I'm still doing the IVF thing, in my last year of trying but I haven't given up hope yet!

Thanks for popping by once in a while. :-)

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