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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


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Man, does it ever suck when the little ones are sick. I really hope everyone feels better ASAP.


What a week... I hope Pob is better, and no asthma. And Junior too, of course. I wasn't going to throw my hands up in horror at the pumping location - although I think it must be much easier (and I would be much more comfortable) to breastfeed a baby than to use a pump in a public area.



wow, what a week. It's awful when they're sick, isn't it? You're braver then i using a breast pump in public, good for you!


Oh, sheesh. Poor Pob. Poor Junior. And poor you, dealing with work on top of all that.

Keeping everything crossed that Pob breathes easier soon, so you can too.

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh Thalia, that sounds like such a stressful time! Being sent to A&E can't have been anything except awful, too! Big Hugs.


It only happens when we go back to work, I don't know why! V.Strange

Betty M

The fates always conspire like this - sorry. Hope everyone is all better now and work is not too grim.


I hope the illnesses will be a thing of the past soon.

Such persistence to pump throughout the business trip, even at the airport. Good for you!


What a week! Hope you are all starting to recover from it.

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