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Wednesday, 09 December 2009


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I hadn't twigged who it was, but the writing was so very eloquent.

Lut C.

Not a clue.


Damn, msytery blogger. This post was worth waiting for.

Thank you.



Oh, I odn't know! But how lovely and poignant.


No idea who it is other than it is another aussie. love her style so will toddle off and read her blog.


Well I know it is nobody under the age of 34... in fact they must be at least - what? - 40 to have such good memories from that long ago.

It was certainly a beautiful and poignant post. I remember cooking with my mother and making tea (from real tea leaves in a real pot) like that, too. These are definitely special memories, and feeling the world turn like that is an awe-inspiring thing, in every sense.

Ultimately, though, I couldn't guess the blogger, because that's a new blog for me.


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