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Tuesday, 04 August 2009


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Junior has reflux, no doubt. All of your feeding problems will be solved as soon as he gets some Zantac. (ranitidine is the generic name) It is the miracle drug that saved me when I was sinking in to depression after Julius was born, and if I had it after the other boys were born I'm not sure I ever would have gotten PPD.

Get some, really. His symptoms, the pulling off after feeding, the gas, everything sounds like reflux. Take care.


Grins and smiles help so much, don't they?

I see that Aurelia mentioned reflux, but have you also considered maybe a dairy (or other) allergy or sensitivity? It sounds sort of like what P did when he developed his milk allergy. He was diagnosed with reflux but the medicines did nothing and it wasn't until I cut dairy from my diet that he stopped throwing up and being uncomfortable after eating. It might be worth a try...and that's the end of my assvice :-)

I can't believe your nanny did such a thing! How awful of her to act so unprofessionally. I hope that you have a fantastic one and that Pob likes her tremendously.


I am pretty shocked by your nanny's behavior. Ugh.

It sounds like you have been working really hard on the feeding. Congrats for making such excellent progress. I'm sorry it's been tough, and hope that Junior becomes a bit more patient with the flow issues soon.


I'm glad the feeding is getting better. Kara too has terrible gas that is hard to get up as burps and which wakes her. She is also much harder than her brother to settle and sleeps SIGNIFICANTLY less during the day. She doesn't throw up though. I f=have just tried giving up dairy.... I will let you know if it makes a difference.


Ah, the smiles...so gratifying, no?

Glad to hear things are going well in general, though the nanny deserves a swift kick in the knees.

midlife mommy

Hugs. I remember how hard that was. But remember that it gets better. Promise.


I'm sorry about the nanny. Hope the new one is great, and more professional. And that Pob likes her, of course.

betty M

Your nanny's behaviour is rubbish although amazingly not uncommon - it has happened to a number of people I know. I found it an amazing emotional wrench when my first nanny left. She had very good reasons and found us an amazing replacement so I have just about forgiven her for leaving us and going home to NZ.

Glad the feeding issue is improving from your last post although still not what you would like.


yay for the big cheesy grin! Onward and upward, I say.


Yay for the cheesy grin!

Sorry to hear about the flow issues and the not latching on for more than 5 minutes. That happened with TK, too and reflux was the culprit for us, also. Ranitidine/Zantac helped with his reflux, but I never could get TK to stay latched. I hope you have better luck with Junior.

Lut C.

Ok, feeding is a challenge, but you're doing everything you can. Good strategy to set yourself a set time to evaluate.


So sorry about your Nanny (bad nanny!) and flow issues. Good luck with the next 9 days!

Girl Detective

Best wishes on all the upcoming changes, and congrats on the weight and feeding improvements. Love to you all.


Sorry about your nanny also, that's just wrong for her to do that to y'all, way wrong. Sounds liek things are going extremely well beyond that. You little boy is precious, love the pictures and a big congrats incase I forgot to tell you.


Hurrah for upward trends! P had a problem with one side, too, can't remember which, then it mysteriously resolved itself when he was a few months old. I think it was a flow thing, too - coming in spurts rather than a steady stream - with a baby who was just a little too easy to overstimulate, but who knows, really.

In any case, people were always trying to say it was this or that and I should blah blah but like everything else it was "just a phase". Hope the phase passes soon, and your new nanny is working out well as we speak. Upward trends all round, I hope.


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