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Tuesday, 09 December 2008


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I remember the teeth brushing thing, at the time I was knocked up I thought I was either forcing the issue or imagining it. It's probably real :)

Good luck at your scan,


Hairy Farmer Family

Oh my word, I can't tell you how much I wish I'd done signing classes with Harry. Source of huge regret. If I'd known he would be such a late talker, I would have started them months ago. Bit late now.

If Pob needs a henchman - and what criminal mastermind doesn't? Harry is showing a regrettable tendency towards thuggish. In the classic Baddie tradition though, he wails loudly when the tables are turned.

Exceedingly glad to hear that passenger is doing well.


Hmm--a devious girl who tells good stories. Wonder where she got THAT?

Good news thus far about the stowaway! Anchors aweigh....


Sounds good Thalia, gagging et al. I remember when Tricky started doing that hands open What? Where is it? Me? thing. And I reckon toddlers are the masters (and mistresses) of manipulation. It's not about lying, it's about creative representations of the truth(!)


Wishing for a smooth trip to the passenger, and some good road-trip music for the driver. Cheers!


I always think that lying is just a part of growing up. Shows they are intelligent, right?

OMG, so funny. I love this. Reminds me, I have to work on signing with Julius!


Ugh- its hard to work like that even when you aren't PG. You must be exhausted. Good luck Thursday- keep us posted.

Betty M

Best wishes for tomorrow. Your job is sounding grim - any chance it will ease off at all or will it be more of the same?
Girls all seem to get that devious trickster stuff sorted way before boys - good on POB.


Looking forward to some good news today.
I think POB is just showing signs of genius!

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