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Sunday, 21 December 2008


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Mary Scarlet

This sounds so much like the fights I have with one of my brothers, and I always have such anguish about it even when he is being irrational. Sorry you have to deal with this. Love and good thoughts...


Sorry about the family drama. Happy Chanukah and best wishes for tomorrow's scan!

Hetty Fauxvert

Oh, gosh. Sorry about the family drama. If it's any consolation, I think *most* people (okay, wait, most women!) would be upset by a tiff like that. It just sucks to fight with someone you love, especially when you feel *you* didn't do anything wrong. If your bro is basically a nice person (which it sounds like he is), you'll probably get an apology from him sometime in the nearish future. In the meantime, do try to let it slide out of your memory banks as much as possible!

And "merde" to the nuchal scan! :)


Sorry about the drama. It's so hard if everbody makes an effort for a nice family gathering and then the mood drops because of issues that should be minor, if you think about them rationally. We've had some here yesterday too, and the holidays are only just beginning...

Betty M

Best wishes for the appt today.

Sorry about the drama with your brother - sounds like he has a lot of stuff going on there himself which he is taking out on you. Family dramas are in my view the worst as they always come with so much shared history (or should that be baggage) and each perceived slight from way back can be quickly dredged up if the opportunity presents.

Hope you are getting a good break over the holidays as you deserve a rest.


Oh you left the most anxiety causing thing for last - ha ha! Good luck today - thinking of you (and potentially taking your advice!).


Ah, the joy of family. I'm sorry your holiday celebration turned out that way. I hate that feeling of hashing over an unpleasant incident and feeling helpless to make it better and angry as well. I tend to dwell on things like that and I hate the feeling it gives me. And you can't even drink wine to make it better...
Good luck today. I'll be crossing my fingers for you!


Good wishes for the nuchal scan today.

I don't think it's irrational to be upset by what happened. I get into stupid fights with my brother frequently when we are together (not that your row was stupid, just that mine are) and it always sends me to the bathroom in tears. It's because you love him and you want him to be okay. You're clearly sensetive to the fact that he's hurting and you did the right thing by trying to smooth things over. He'll come round and it will be okay again. I don't think any of his outburst really had to do with you.


Thinking of you today. Sorry your Chanukah was soured by the row with your brother. I don't think you're being overly sensitive - I would be upset by an incident such as that, and it would have upset me GREATLY when I was pregnant, even if it hadn't been the day before a nuchal or somesuch. I hope the remainder of your Chanukah consists of bright candles and delicious food and presents and a happy and healthy Pob.


Family. Gah. I have this sort of row with my sister all the time, which is why I hate spending more than two hours with her in one go. And it never ever has anything to do with what was actually said, which is why apologies get brushed aside.

(We are doing nothing whatsoever for Chanukah this year, as the Jewish relations have corralled themselved Stateside for the forseeable. No, wait, tell a lie. I ate a doughnut).


Oh lord....well, relatives are the seventh level of hell IMO. So you have my complete sympathy!

And fight over religion are pretty awful. Although really, do you think something else is bugging him down deep? Like money woes? In this economy, I know we have received some sideways remarks from a few relatives because we are doing okay, and they are--well, not. We have tried to be kind, but that just kind of makes them madder, you know?

Anyway, take care, and I hope you tell about the nuchal very very soon!!! Am so excited for you!!


I will suggest pregnancy hormones playing into your feelings too. I will cry at the most pathetic movie of the week with little provocation and it only happens while pregnant.


If your mother is Jewish then ALL your sibs are Jewish. They can't choose to be Jewish or not, they are, by accident of birth!

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