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Monday, 22 December 2008


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That's great news about the nuchal.

I think for us infertiles, there is never one defining moment when it is all "ok." At best, there is a gradual acceptance that there will likely be a live baby, but even now that I am a couple of weeks away from meeting my little one in person I still can't believe it 100%.


Wonderful news! I'm so excited for you!
But I completely understand the sensation of not fully enjoying the simple pleasure of getting good news while you are pregnant. It's just another thing that infertility takes away, isn't it?

Betty M

Glad all the news is good. The less the great Prof wants to see of you the better in my view.
Relaxing and feeling happy is tough when you have the knowledge we do. Happy festivities.


Very glad all is well with the the withindweller. May all be well with him or her for the next 99 years.

Ah, we battle-scarred veterans and the steel bands that hold our hearts together. My mother is very disappointed in me too, for not being excited and rah! rah! about another three clomid cycles. Bah.


Lovely news, dear Thalia! Those odds are great. Here's hoping the emotional flatness gradually goes away with increasing girth -- and that joy becomes and ever-more present guest at your house. I'm so full of hope and anticipation for July!

I'm sorry, by the way, about the scene with your brother. I can imagine how much that must have upset you...

Hairy Farmer Family

It's a girl's duty to disappoint her mother! Unless her nickname is Pob, of course, in which case it is not allowed.

Hang on in there, gestating quietly. All will be well.


I'm so glad to hear the good news and I completely understand your lack of enthusiasm at this point. Those of us who have experienced loss (whether it be through infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of a living child) have a hard time reacting in a way others would consider normal. Once we have a taste of loss we are so aware it can happen and also, that we are not exempt from it happening again. Just enjoy the happiness others are feeling for you and don't give yourself a hard time for feeling what you are feeling.


wonderful news about the scan! Been thinking about you.


Great news,

SO happy for you,




I'm so glad to hear it. And I completely get the inability to celebrate yet. It just comes with the IF/loss territory, I suppose.


We know far too much about what can go wrong to be able to enjoy a pregnancy like a fertile. It's just another way infertility robs us of certain joys and simplicity in our lives. It's truly a shame, but hopefully as the weeks progress, your confidence will grow with the baby.


That is good news!


I'm really glad it went well, those are far better numbers than I've ever had! :)

I think I understand how you're feeling. I came out of yesterday's supposedly reassuring scan (17 weeks) feeling utterly depressed. I can't muster enthusiasm for anything really. And my mum's pissed off with me. And I would love a glass of wine.


I'm glad the scan went well. And your reaction sounds perfectly normal to me. You've been through so much.


Hope you have a happy Christmas. We have our nuchal scan on Jan 12. I'm a bit nervous, but can't wait to get past it.


Sleep deprivation makes true joy difficult to experience or express and then add the history . . . Enjoy what and how you can for now . . .


So glad all is well!

Lut C.

Excellent news!

I recognize the feeling of caution, and I recognize the reaction your mother has too.
But pretending to feel carefree when you're feeling cautious, is just too tiring. She'll just have to get over it.


Have a wonderful Christmas, Thalia...


So glad that you got good and reassuring news from the scan! Wishing you very happy holidays and much joy and peace in 2009.


After all you've been through to get here- how many IVFs?, its going to be hard to totally relax until the baby breathes its first breath. I think that's just the way it is for people who've dealt with IF stuff.

Country Chick

Tearfulness and flatness both sound like they would be helped by some sleep. Here's hoping you can catch up a little.
Thinking of you. xxx


Great news! I understand your reaction completely - almost as if I'm living it myself, but months behind. Ahem.

I'm sorry that your Mom is expressing disappointment, I hope you don't let it bother you.

Good for you for splashing out red!


Finally getting a chance to catch up. Pob sounds like she's coming along wonderfully, as does T...CP? NP? This one, anyway. (TO?) Love the mental image I'm getting of the festive nails. Sorry about the family bust-up, but then again it wouldn't be holiday season without some kind of argument, would it? Sigh.



Excellent news! I also sprung on a holiday pedicure and ended up messing my toes up, ack.


So glad all went well! Wishing you an uneventful rest of your PG!


hurrayy!! a belated but very enthusiastic congratulations, hope you did have a fabulous holiday with your bright red toes!!


Part two of my belated comments...

Congratulations on the very good news - at least one less thing to worry about. I've since read in a subsequent post that you were (at the time of the post anyway) 13 weeks along "already". Time flies! I hope the rest of the pregnancy passes without so much worry, as well as increased excitement.

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