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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


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I'm very happy things are progressing and I completely understand why you feel the way you do. No need to apoligize for how you're feeling. I get it. I think we all do.


Oh, sweetie, I'm so glad to get this news. How wonderful!

As for the movement, I know how you feel -- that worry was there for me too, this time around. I was just afraid to mention it. At every scan so far save the one today, the baby was moving around far less than Banana was at the same gestational age. So naturally I worried about chromosomal problems too. I hope that your worries prove as unfounded as mine were, and that your quad screen brings you such amazingly good results that you don't have to worry about further tests. (And 8 weeks *is* a bit early for bopping, even if your embryo is not the laid-back, mellow kind.)

Here's hoping that (at the latest) by the New Year, you will be beautifully reassured, and that the time until then passes quickly and pleasantly.


I'm so glad that the signs are good so far. I understand your fears. All you can do is take it one day at a time.


Phew, very good news about the scan, sweetie! I know that platitudes don't mean a lot coming from me since I fell on the other side of that statistic you referenced, but I will say that I have really believe this pregnancy will work out for you. Also, I will point out that that statistic is for 42-year-olds and, ahem, you are NOT 42 and won't be until almost halfway through your pregnancy.

Sending good thoughts to all of you, and lots of love. xx

Rachel Inbar

I am so happy about your good scan and wish it were easier to believe that everything will work out OK and just enjoy the pregnancy. I never saw babies move at 8 weeks (hey, only 6 pregnancies, so what do I know?) there isn't that much that CAN move at that stage...

BTW, I would periodically 'panic' and get an extra scan. Thankfully, the clinic here basically let me do whatever I wanted (and didn't charge for it).


I'm glad things are going well, and if it matters, my risks are higher than yourw were for chromosomal issues, and my geneticist said there is no embryonic movement under 9 weeks, at least not anything relevant.


All you can expect is a heartbeat and measurement at this point. Even at 9 weeks, the baby might be asleep you know. They do that. 20 minutes awake, 20 minutes asleep....so relax and try to not freak out too much.


I'm so glad things look good and appear to be on track. That said, I think you are perfectly justified in not sounding "happier." You've been through a lot to get here and you are THIS close to completing your family and putting IF behind you, so you have a lot at stake. Believe me, I get it. Frankly, I didn't fully exhale until I delivered. Its a wonderful place to be (pregnant with a second viable pregnancy that's so far so good), but its stressful because there's a lot emotionally riding on it all working out. Thinking good thoughts for you and yours.


Caution, now that's a language I speak fluently.


I also understand your reluctance to be super-celebratory, but I for one, let out a huge sigh of relief at your news.
Onwards and upwards...


All appendages crossed for that 85%...


Hey, Thalia: Following you and this little one from conception to birth. Wish I could box up belief in tissue paper, tie it with a pretty ribbon, let you keep opening and opening it.

A heartbeat is a careful, measured insistence of its own.


It's awfully hard, this stage. I was so filled with fear that I didn't really have much enjoyment of pregnancy at all. Oh, to be blissfully ignorant!
In any case, I'm thrilled for you. Love what Ms. Once said---above.
Oh yeah, your nuchal is on my birthday, so I'm going to make a special birthday wish for you. :)
Be well.


It's hard not to be scared and it's hard to be 100% happy when you're scared. You're allowed those feelings . . . really.

Crossing the crossables that you can soon say . . . "oh, all that worry for nothing!"


*hug* I get it. Fingers crossed for you, I'm holding out hope for you all from across the pond.



Well, that is good so far, and I think you are right about the developmental stage/movement thingy from my recollection.


I understand your need to be guarded. Still, such good news so far. I know the feeling of hurdle after hurdle - here's hoping that all the hurdles get cleared in time. It sounds like so far things couldn't be any better. Your embryo was probably just sleeping, getting ready to start twirling around in there any moment now.
Holding on to hope for you! Your story gives so much hope to me!


Every day your chances of a completely happy outcome grow, so maybe that's a good thought to start your day with: Wow chances are better again! And when you go to sleep at night: Another day without events, so our chances of a healthy baby have improved again! See thinking happy thoughts as food for your baby. I know that sit back and relax is not very constructive advice, but every moment you relax is a gift to your child, to make his/her environment - your body - a better place, so if you find being relaxed a hard thing to do, do it for your little embryo, it's the most important thing you can do! Way more important than healthy eating and avoiding things like coffee in my opinion....

Hairy Farmer Family

Oh BOY, do you sound like me! I wouldn't let myself relax one iota until I hit 32 weeks. Whereupon I relaxed hugely, and H's arrival at 33 weeks walloped me sideways.

My counsellor (not often the beginning of a fabulous sentence, but bear with me# kept asking me: how was my preparing for the worst going to make any loss less crushingly severe? What emotions, precisely, was I protecting against? Why was I trying vainly to stop myself loving my child, purely because I was scared it wouldn't live long enough to love me back? Hard questions that I couldn't really answer, as I knew a loss would hurt me horribly irrespective of how happy I had let myself be. I approached every fortnightly scan sweaty, with my heart in my mouth. And that was before I discovered the blogosphere, too - where miseries #and support!) abound.

I strive towards the whole que sera sera thing, but I never really get there. So you're not alone, and I completely understand what you're going through. Rooting very hard indeed for everything to go swimmingly for you.


Keeping everything crossed for you ...


I am pleased that things seem to be progressing well, and hope that they continue trending in that direction. Keeping everything crossed as well.


I think we all understand your trepidation. I am happy for the good progress. Take each day with a happy heart.

Melbagirl @ A Taste of IVF Over 40

Monday the 22nd of December will give you a lovely Christmas present. Best wishes xx


I don't remember the boys moving at 8 weeks. They did at 10 I think and I was shocked. NBHHY


Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of I understand why you're feeling cautious and I would be (and was), too, in your situation.

I just checked to see when we first saw movement on the u/s and it was after 9 weeks (the previous scan was at 7w3d). So, it definitely seems likely that your little one is just on the brink of being capable of movement, but not there yet.

I know it's difficult, but hang in there.



Never commented but have read your blog for about 8 weeks. So pleased that things are ok so far .. thinking about you. Easy to say but try to stay as positive as you can.

I'm 41 and just embarking on first round of IVF.


I'm glad the news has been good so far, and hope fervently that it continues to be so.


Understood. And thinking of you. But also, feeling very positive for you.


I'm so very glad things are going well. I know it's impossible not to worry, though. I'm hoping so much that your worries are all for naught.


I did not see movement at 8 weeks with our Thea.

Keeping everything crossed for you. I hope you can relax and settle into this pregnancy a bit more very soon. Big hugs!


I'm glad everything looks OK. I hope it also *is* OK, though I understand we cannot know that yet, and get your anxiety.


Isn't it a shame that the first trimester is always so terrifying.

I shall continue tohope for you,




The first trimester IS terrifying. And I know that there's nothing we can do about that. But I will tell you that Finn was never moving on early scans-- in fact, he wasn't moving, really, on his 12 week scan. And he's perfectly healthy and wonderful. Current baby wasn't moving on his 7 week 4 day scan either, but that IS a week earlier, so you probably will discount that trivia more. Anyway, I'm thinking of you. I know it's hard.


I hated the first trimester... hell I didn't even believe that Squeaker was real until my water broke and I was on my way to the hospital. Prior to that I was filled with fear. I hope your fears are able to be put aside earlier than mine were and that this little embryo keeps growing, growing and starts moving. Hang in there. Know we're listening and know I'm sending up positive thoughts for you.


Can you really picture yourself not worrying at any stage? Even if the embryo was bopping around quite happily there would be some element of concern about something. That's how we're programmed unfortunately. I hate how it never leaves, regardless of any good news which should alleviate our worry.

Betty M

I certainly recognise the worry. Can't really tell you not to as I know I could never do it even though I should have. Super scan outfit will I am sure put your mind at rest.


A beating heart is good news but I understand your caution. Optimism isn't innate for infertiles. I don't know if it ever thunks home. I'm still hoping with you. And I'm glad you were able to schedule all the tests you need with all the right people. That alone will help more than anything else could.

Lisa Later

i don't remember seeing any movement at our 8 week scan - i just remember seeing a flickering heartbeat and not much else

it was only at the 12 week scan that they (a) resembled human beings and (b) were active

hang in there!



Hooray for eight weeks! I am glad for your good-news-so-far, and hoping for nothing but good news to come.


I'll take "good for now" as it's the best news we could possibly have heard from you today. For the record, I'm almost 100% certain PB didn't have movement at the 8wk scan. I guess it's just "hang in there".



Understand the caution, but sounds good so far! Congrats.


I'm glad things are progressing well. Hang tough!


I HAVE been away for a while! Congratulations! Will keep everything crossed that all continues to go well!

Lut C.

So glad to hear things are on track!

I can imagine you would feel cautious, it's second nature for many of us, no?

ms. planner

Thalia, I am so pleased to hear about the heartbeat and the measurements. I completely understand each and every feeling of fear you have. And I wish I could say something reassuring, but I think we all know that the first trimester is very difficult to navigate when it comes to such matters. Just know that we are all thinking of you fondly. Wishing you some peace my friend.

fisher queen

Hi Thalia-

I've been lurking and haven't congratulated you yet. I hope everything continues to go smoothly!


Please update- is all okay?


OK, getting worried now. Are you OK? Or just insanely busy?

Hairy Farmer Family

What May said.


I am sure you are doing very well at the moment! updates are awaited from your side!

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