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Thursday, 20 November 2008


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Betty M

Happy 14 months day POB.

It will be fine. I think I would be doing the same thing by bringing the scan forward. So its not cheery exactly but sensible as worry does not a good holiday make.


hoping for a Pob post soon. I always thought your lack of photo sharing was some sort of super stealth baby privacy act you have in your home ;-)
Anything I could say in the genre of, "you will be ok" is stuff you already know so I will just say I have felt EXACTLY as you have felt and it sucks. And I hope the scan hurries up & gets here so you can have some proof pudding.


Had symptomless pregnancies, too, and remember well the worry with pregnancy #1. Keeping everything crossed for the 8 week scan!


My mother says you don't get stretchy cramps with 2nd if you are having said 2nd within a couple of years of 1st. Uterus already stretched. I'm not at all sure that that is a cheering thought. I hope it is, but pre-stretched uterus? Mmmmm, lovely.

Hurrah for 14-month-old Pob.


Happy 14 months, Pob!

I think you don't have stretchy, pully cramps this time because you've already had a pregnancy so your uterus is looser. I'm betting on a good scan on Wednesday.


Happy birthday, Pob!

I agree with the others - I would expect fewer or none stretchy/pulling cramps this time around. Fingers and toes crossed for a good scan.


I was just going to say what I see many others have already said... perhaps there is less stretching/pulling with subsequent pregnancies? I am with you on the insecurity generated by lack of symptoms. But all may be very well indeed!


I like the "loose uterus" theory for the lack of pulling. Hoping all goes well next week at your scan!


Good luck, my dear. Personally I always find the first trimester terrifying. I never have any symptoms either. I also can't relax until the anatomy scan at 18-20 is normal. ANd at that point history relates I then get to worry about contracting ;)



Ditto everyone else on the stretchy pully thing not happening after a first full pregnancy. I know women who still get them if they haven't got very far in the first pg, but you went to 38 weeks and later, right? So there you go.

And I understand about the time issue. It will get better after a while, but for now, busy job and tiny baby? I'm impressed that you are posting!


Happy sort-of-birthday, Pob! I hear you are walking already -- congratulations! A certain virtual twin of yours is still keeping a bit lower to the ground -- by walking on her knees. Looks hilarious.

I so understand your worries, dear Thalia. The second time around is so different. I hope you get great news on Wednesday!


Hang in there. It's a tough time.
Hopefully Pob is making herself an effective distraction-Happy 14 months Pob!
Looking forward to hearing the results next Wednesday.

happy 14 months! i think we could have 10 live births (hahahahaha) and still not believe after what it took to get here. those defenses are well entrenched by now. i didn't have symptoms till around 10 weeks and i so wanted them. the early part is so damn terrifying, too bad it's the time we really shouldn't be drinking (heavily).

Country Chick

Gosh, so completely sympathise, but you are definitely making the right decision bringing the scan forward. Hope it will help you enjoy that holiday!
Pob is now the same age as Theo was when we met him - weird, huh? Bet you can't imagine not having had her till now?


I have a feeling everything will be fine. I will be thinking of you next Wednesday and looking forward to reading good news.


My sis also didn't get the SP-type cramps with number two. With number one she was occasionally doubled over! Glad to hear about the Wed scan, just b/c it will give you peace of mind.

Oh, and re: the Pob pics, mostly no need to narrate. A photo itself is word a thousand words.

Girl Detective

Healthy yellow hopes to you and your current passenger. Hope the upcoming trip is a good one and the scan brings heartening news.


I'm chiming in with the loose uterus people. I'm crossing my fingers for a good scan next Weds. and a lovely trip thereafter.


what no pob photos? i come here for the cute you know not just to check up on my fav brit.


Good luck at your 8 week scan! Wishing you all the best!



Thank you, my old web friend for your sympathies. It was a comfort to find your comment and I very much hope that you will fare better than I.

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