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Tuesday, 11 November 2008


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Bea G.

Fingers crossed here . . . and a wish for some happier/relaxing distractions sent your way!


My girl had bad nappy rash that went from bad to worse until it became nappy dermatitis. W

e used be.pan.then ointment by ba.yer and it worked wonders!... (http://www.bepanthen.co.uk/)

We tried many others that did not make any difference but this one did the trick.

Betty M

Ouch! Poor Pob.


Hope all is well and that Pob is accident/sickness free for awhile. You deserve it.

Betty M

Ouch! Poor Pob.


Poor Pob! I hope she will feel ok, soon.


Now she has reached the fall-over-stage you better buy her some rescue remedy. I was never much into homeopathy but for upset toddlers and freaked out horses a few drops of rescue remedy work really well...


poor lil pob, hope you're both feeling better.


Yes, the wars alright! Hope Pob is feeling better soon.



Poor Pob! Poor you! Those incidents are so scary, and to have two back-to-back like that? Ugh. Pob is certainly doing a -- excuse the pun -- bang-up job distracting you, eh?

Funny, that's just what I was thinking this morning: just two more sleeps, and Thalia knows more. Hoping for great news.


Poor Pob :(

Time passes particularly slowly when you're waiting for a scan.

I am all too familiar with the head-crashing sound. Poor you and Pob :-(


Poor Pob.

We've heard the same crashing sounds here and it is always heart-wrenching.

Does Pob like yogurt? We found it helps some when Liam is on antibiotics to help prevent some diaper rash. It helps that he LOVES yogurt.

Hoping for a good scan.


Poor little Pob. Hope the bump goes down quickly and she gets feeling better soon.


Mine is now two-and-a-bit and we've been hearing those gut-wrenching head thuds on an almost daily basis for about a year...

It doesn't really get any less gut-wrenching, but the pick up baby, rub affected place, cuddle and allow baby to toddle off to find new ways of hurting itself drill becomes almost second-nature! I find witch-hazel gel good stuff for particularly impressive bumps. It seems to help prevent the worst sort of bruises, or perhaps my little one has a particularly hard head!

motel manager

Good luck on your upcoming scan!

I am with you on the child injuries -- we had a huge hematoma a couple of weeks ago, followed 36 hours later by a vomiting episode that landed us in the ER at midnight on Halloween. Nice.


Oh dear Poor Pob, and poor mommy, we've had plenty of those and they really are difficult to deal with.

Hairy Farmer Family

Ach! Poor wee Poblet!
Harry had his MMR yesterday and has been hot & unhappy, as per usual with jabs. Also acquired a monstrous cheek bruise (the longest to fade) on saturday (coffee table also!), and two walloping forehead bruises today, one of which (the table leg) has nearly broken the skin open. He looks awfully like I've been hitting him.
And all this just as you really need to sit with your feet up with Pob playing quietly by your chair. Sigh. Things never happen the way they ideally should! It's a job to know who to write the complaint letter to though.


Oh no! Poor Pob! That sounds like an awful few days, poor baby. There is nothing like watching your child whack herself on the furniture. I hope her bruise fades soon and the next few days are kinder.



Holy crap! how did I miss this?! I obviously was wayyyy behind on my blog reading and am so happy to click over hear and read your news!!!

Much love! x


Holy crap! how did I miss this?! I obviously was wayyyy behind on my blog reading and am so happy to click over hear and read your news!!!

Much love! x

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