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Sunday, 09 November 2008


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You are bound to feel worried given past experience but morning sickness definitely comes and goes. I asked everyone I could think of on the days when I felt terrible because I was no longer feeling terrible!


Definitely. And even in pregnancies where you end up being good and sick for a long time (like my last one), at your stage I was still fine some days and queasy on others. It wasn't for another week or so that I felt consistently awful, and even then the degree of awful varied quite a bit from day to day.


I felt a lot less nauseated this time around, and yeah, it worried me, but hopefully Pob and work will keep you busy enough to put it out of your mind.

And of course while symptoms vary from woman to woman, and pregnancy to pregnancy, generally, it's still early for the full blown awful sick feeling.

I hope you find the one concrete symptom that you're looking for.


We are at about the same stage and I have felt no symptoms yet. Last time I had very sore breasts and nausea by now.

But the good news is that I went back to my blog and the nausea definetely came and went for the first week or so last time!


It definitely came and went. And by came I only had very mild nausea. That was it and that was with twins.

Betty M

You said it yourself you had almost no nausea with POB so it sounds like you are having the same thing. And it is quite early for the head over a toilet bowl style nausea too. Not that that will stop you going bonkers before Friday. I am pretty distrustful of my I think it is all over feelings - I have had them every time - OK twice I was right but twice I was wrong too. Wishing you all manner of mind calming symptoms in a nice way obviously.


As Alexa said, I remember being by turns ravenous and nauseous the first few weeks. Hoping you can keep some food down, have enough symptoms to reassure you, and get through the week!


Dear Thalia, I hear you. Nausea is unpleasant, but then its absence is disconcerting -- no matter that our rational minds know it's normal for it to come and go quite dramatically at the beginning. This is such a mind-altering time, and I hope Friday comes soon for you and brings great reassurance. In the meantime, I hope work and Pob provide effective (and pleasant) distractions. Thinking of you and sending hope, as always.


I had incredible nausea with all the pregnancies (good and bad) but not until around where you are now or even a little later. The last week could have actually been a virus (stress, etc.) you were dealing with and not true morning sickness at all so hang in there.
I will be keeping everything crossed for you.


My pregnancy ended in anembryonic miscarriage and I felt really quite sick even after I knew it was over. My sister felt utterly UNsick for all of her pregnancy and had a beautiful healthy baby girl. I have decided nausea means absolutely nothing. Not that this ever stops anyone worrying - how can you not worry? Thinking of you, and best wishes for Friday.


I'll just say ditto everyone else, and send my wishes for a good day on Friday!


I had less nausea this time, and I think it was because of the heparin injections. Literally, the better your placenta is, the better you feel. Just my opinion maybe, but still seems to apply to most times I've been pregnant.


Oh poor dear. I'm ready to believe that the wait for that first scan is far more difficult than any 2ww.

I had somewhat on-again off-again queasiness with my twins. It made me extremely nervous too. This pregnancy was all-queasiness-all-the-time, but my first was characterized only by exhaustion. I guess I'm saying every pregnancy is different.

I'm just hoping for you that you can occupy yourself to help the week pass more quickly, and that it all ends with good news.


I haven't had very much in the way of symptoms so far, but the little I have had usually manages to disappear for two or three days at a time. It is nerve wracking, but doesn't mean anything is wrong (so I tell myself).


It definitely comes and goes. Keeping my fingers crossed for you (and still haven't gotten the pkg in the mail, but will this week!). xx


Yup. Comes and goes. Hard not to worry, but it's totally normal.


*hug* I hear you. I could tell you that the nausea or lack thereof doesn't mean anything, but I understand the worry.

May the days pass quickly and the scan show you the very best news. Hang in there, sweetie.



I'm no help on the nausea issue, but see you've gotten lots of comments; in any case, just wanted to say I'm thinking of you.

another karen

i'm another one with nothing substantive to add. just wanted to say i'm thinking about you and hoping the time passes quickly between now and friday.

and that friday brings its own wonderful news.


Girl Detective

You're in a terribly difficult situation. of course you're going to be a basket case till Friday. Don't feel like you have to fight it.


Yes, comes and goes. Fingers crossed for your sanity. Actually, I'm impressed you still have sanity to lose.


Rachel Inbar

Mine came and went. When it went I was frantic and when it came I felt so sick...... Apparently it really doesn't mean much, but it can be reassuring anyway.


My symptoms totally came and went during the early days. It is NORMAL, NORMAL, NORMAL. However, I'm still waiting anxiously with you for Friday when we can get some good news!

Thinking of you - what IS also completely normal is to be so worried! Poor you.


No advice to give you, but sending thoughts and prayers your way.

Warm hugs!


Mine definitely came and went at this point in the pregnancy. Hang in there.


I had days where I thought my nausea had gone away, then I got worried, only to have it return the next day. It did that off and on for approximately 6 weeks and everything was fine.


Thalia - My god, I'm so hideously late on this, but CONGRATULATIONS. Seriously wonderful.

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