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Tuesday, 04 November 2008


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I'm so pleased for you!

(agree re the new clexane btw)

Rachel Inbar

Am hoping along with you that this one sticks around.

BTW regarding high beta, I had one that was VERY high (beyond normal range) - had amnio to make sure all was well & she is (she's now 2-1/2).


Sound good to me about the betas. Regarding the screaming around 4 in the morning. We've been going through the same crap. B is in the middle of transitioning to one nap I think. Seems like when he takes a good morning nap and has no afternoon nap he sleeps much better. Or if he just has an afternoon nap and no morning, he sleep way sounder. Good luck with everything.

Betty M

Sorry about the sickness - I can confirm that morning sickness and tiredness are a horrible combination. I think POB could definitely cut her morning nap a bit which might help on the overnight stuff.


Thalia. I'm so thrilled that betas are going up - and well! yay! (I know, I'm late on this. My bad.)

No suggestions on the sleep thing - Baby O is an early waker too, and we just leave him in his crib such that he inevitably falls asleep on his own. Hopefully Pob figures it out. Soon.


Whohoo!! Sorry you are feeling gross but am SO glad for the reason.


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Is she teething? That's the only thing I can think of that disrupts my child's sleep. My daughter started doing the same thing at around the same age as Pob, and the next thing I knew she had a ton of molars. The naps sound OK to me. My daughter takes one nap for about three hours and Pob's two naps add up to three hours.


YAY!! I'm so excited for you!
Re: POB's sleep, I have to say that Z has gone through some phases like this and they always seemed to last for a couple of weeks and then disappear. I hope she goes back to regular sleeping soon.


Just to say I feel your pain on the sleep thing. I've pushed Botany's bed time back half an hour and she is usually having about two hours of daytime sleep. She still wakes up at 5am-ish and nothing seems to prevent it.

Hang in there!

motel manager

Re: Pob, dropping one nap might do the trick (though as a PP mentioned, maybe it's just a phase anyway). Our son started having more issues at night, even though he was napping happily twice during the day, so we cut out one nap. It seems to have worked. He's a bit older, of course (was close to 16 months when we dropped the second nap, which I think is average), but some kids are ready to drop down to one nap by 12 mos.


Still thinking of you.


If 5mo PB gets that much (cumulative total) sleep during the day I consider it not only a personal victory, but also a moral one. So I guess it does sound like a lot to me.

Glad you're not feeling well!



Thalia-I am so happy for you. What fantastic news. Your betas are looking great as well. I'm so thrilled!


Dear Thalia, I am sorry (but also glad, of course) to hear you aren't feeling too hot these days. I recognize a lot of my own first-trimester feelings in what you wrote --- the combination of early pregnancy and tiredness with having a baby/toddler is exhausting, giving you a feeling of almost permanent nausea-cum-narcolepsy (and sudden overwhelming doubts at how one could possibly handle a toddler AND a newborn, but maybe that was just me). And you're working more than full-time on top of everything, so... yeah, it's tough.

But as for Pob's waking, I wonder, too, whether she's teething, and hope this is just a short phase. I'm not too keen on the idea of limiting her naps, if she's so clearly tired for both of them.

I hope things get better for you soon. Wish I could help!

Girl Detective

Turn off the monitor, and if she really needs you, you'll know about it.

Sad to say, but sometimes, kids just wake up. It tends to be in clumps with us. Our 2yo will wake screaming at 2, 3 or 4 am. And, bonus!, he will demand unreasonable things, like juice, and throw a 2yo tantrum when denied. But then he'll get better and sleep through the night from 8 to 7, and nap for 2 hours during the day.

I've never heard or experienced anything that suggests that limiting nap time, especially for kids under 3, does what you want. That way madness lies.


Sounds like things are going very well. I'm secretly pleased that you aren't feeling all that well just because I think that bodes well for the months ahead. I'd never want to feel ill otherwise. But this really sounds like a good sign.


I'm so happy for you, Thalia! It has made my week to come to your blog and see your good news and hopeful outcome. I hope your fortune continues.


I've got no advice re: Pob. Thought I had all the answers for sleep when I first brought Sam home and quickly found out that NONE of my theory worked. We are kind of ad hoc here. Let me know what works for you; I am collecting any and all advice against the future.

I'm sorry you are feeling rotten but glad your passenger is still hanging in there. I hope things settle in soon.

IVF and m/c veteran

It takes at least 3 full months for DHEA to have any real effect on eggs -- so I doubt that your taking DHEA for just one month before your IVF had anything to do with the egg quality of your resulting embryos. More likely just pure chance and luck! You know how IVF is...that always "fun" "numbers game". :/

Anyway, good luck. I'm sure it will work out fine since it seems that every 40+ year old woman in the blogosphere who already has a kid (or two) is getting successfully knocked up.

Hopefully some of this success in the blogosphere floats towards M.A. -- she's just had her umpteenth cycle, and all of her babies are dead, so it would be really nice to see some IF veterans with so much loss finally have some real success finally. Here's hoping.

The numbers game really sucks. Sigh.


Congratulations!! I've been so obsessed with the election, I'm very far behind on my blog reading. (and I have to agree with previous poster on good luck to M.A.).

I hope you feel a bit better although if it keeps you preggers...

Oh and the sleep - ay - who knows? They go through so many stages. I know that A transitioning to one nap was a nightmare, so I feel for you!

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