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Monday, 03 November 2008


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Hooray! Hoping for all the best at the scan.


Oh, I'm so hoping!

I know earlier you were thinking that multiples were out of the question, but perhaps there is a chance that there's more than one???


CONGRATULATIONS!! Whoow, first time to be the first to congratulate. I'm so happy for you, after reading your posts regularly for two years (my two years of battle agains age related infertility, and still fighting).
Enjoy it!!
Best wishes



Betty M

Excellent news!


wow, this is great! you give me so much hope! I am so happy this is looking good. will keep fingers crossed.


Wonderful, perfect, beautiful news, Thalia. I'm over the moon for you!


Excellent results. I will of course keep my fingers crossed and send up some prayers that come the 14th there is a little fluttering heartbeat... So far so good. One step at a time right? Hang in there.


More good news! I hope it keeps on coming!!!

Rachel Inbar

I am so happy to hear it!


Oh, I am so glad to hear this!


CONGRATS!!!... I am beyond happy for you and will be hoping for even greater news on the 14th!

And please, don't even think to worry about high HcG. My beta at 13-14 DPO was 294, and the one at 15-16 DPO was 887. Those were REALLY HIGH and my doctor told me that sometimes, early in pregnancy, girls tend to have higher betas than boys, and it was true for me, I had a daughter!

If you are interested in comparing and see my graph go to:

Your news made my day! ;)


so glad you have some 'solid' hope to hang onto , POB number 2 has a good ring to it !


It sounds like wonderful news!


Great news! Hope you get wonderful news at the scan.

motel manager

Looks good! And don't high hCG levels suggest Down Syndrome later on? That was my impression -- i.e., that early high betas don't mean anything with respect to DS. I think it's late first or even second tri that that level matters. (But you're the scientist, so you undoubtedly know more than I do!)

The 14th seems like forever from now -- will keep my fingers crossed that you see a gorgeous heartbeat!


FANTASTIC news! That is one stunning chart you've got there!!! wooo hooooooo!


Oh Thalia, congratulations. This is so good news. Very happy for you and wishing you all the best for the coming weeks. :D


Yayyyyyyy, so when do you start heparin? Or did I already ask that? I think I did....hmmm, well it grew you a good one before, so it will work out now. :)


Great news - and hoping everything goes well.



Country Chick

Thank goodness - looking good so far! I agree though with a previous comment - the 14th seems so far away!


Really really delighted for you Thalia. You give us all hope. Keep well and rest. Looking forward to the scan.


Wow. I, too, am wondering if those lovely numbers might mean more than one; hope you are feeling OK and that whoever is growing in there will develop into a lovely healthy baby!

Lisa Later



Congrats Thalia, I am very excited for you!


Oh, how wonderful, dear Thalia! I just got back from an all-day trip to Munich and logged on right away to hear your news -- I couldn't have hoped for a better result! May the 14th -- and every scan after that -- bring equally happy, reassuring, fantastic results!


Those graphs look wonderful! So happy and excited for you!


halia, it all sounds promising. I shall cross my crossables.


PS- that chart is pretty conservative and based upon a relatively small smaple of women, from memory. Email me if you want a chart derived froma working lab with thousands of data points. It gives reference ranges/percentiles. What you may find reassuring is that you would be within the normal range, not over the top on it...

Oh and the beta/down's thing? Not predictive in isolation...or it wouldn't be a combined T1 screen :)



Ahh, we infertiles are so analytical, huh? The numbers look great. Hopefully the scan will, too.



(I know it's early, but I'm so happy for you, had to let that out!)


That looks like a good start. Especially that it matches Pob's beta numbers. What a relief. Fingers still crossed and will remain crossed for you until YOU relax.

My Reality

Great news!


Fantastic! I almost miss that daily phone call from the RE with the beta results.


I'm really and truly pulling for this to all go smoothly for you!


Spectacular! Grow, passenger #2!


Wonderful, wonderful news. Grow, baby, grow!


That's wonderful news Thalia and I jhope it just keeps on getting better. Can i say how deeply impressed I was by your graphing abilities...!


Awesome. :)




Hurray! So happy for you, friend :)

Somewhat Ordinary

Fantastic number! This is looking very promising!


This is such wonderful news Thalia!! Fingers crossed for a great scan on the 14th!!

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