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Saturday, 04 October 2008


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Betty M

Bastards. You must be livid. I know too well the hell of shopping with a bored baby in tow. Your home insurance might cover it if the card co is being so unhelpful?


I had a very similar experience with my purse just a few weeks ago. I can't believe how easy it is for people to steal... It was one of the worst days I've had in a long time so I can feel your pain.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Oh crap that is really really awful. I'm so sorry. I recently lost a new cardigan after leaving it in a coffee shop and when I ran back to get it it was gone.

One of those rather enraging things, isn't it?

I am sorry. I hope that when the sales start up, you might be able to replace them with other stuff.


Oh crapola.

May I lend you my curses to the stinking thief?:

May his testicles rot and his willy shrivel up and fall off at a publicly embarrassing moment.

May his underwear be forever hole-y and his socks pair-less.

May his pockets be eternally torn, and his wallet fall down a particularly unclean public loo, right after someone with virulent gastro has done an untidy number two. May there also be no remaining toliet paper.

May his pubes spontaneously combust and giant zits occupy his nose.

May especially malodarous dog crap affix itself intimately to the underside of his trainers.

May week-old chewing gum find it’s way into his hair-do.

May he be infested with particularly ineradicably lush ear-hair, a nasty case of jock itch and several creative verrucas.

May an extensive infestation of intestinal worms make his bottom itch no end.

May an unusually well-aimed albatross with dysentry shit right down the inside of the back of his shirt.

It would serve him right.

(or her, as the case may be...)




toots there is something wrong with your feed? This feed came up as off, so clicked it, and of course, now that I've told you, likely it will come back perfectly now.


Remind me never to piss off J!

I'm so sorry, Thalia. That sucks. Bastard.

Oh, that totally sucks. What a mean person-and your right they will probably just resell the clothes. Shopping for clothes can be such a choir-to have all that hard work taken from you is just horrid! I hope whatever they took shrinks for them on the first wash! :(

Girl Detective

Call the shop where you bought them, if you haven't already. The thief will probably try to return them for credit or a cash refund.


People can be so selfish and uncaring -- that stinks!


Ugh. I'm so sorry Thalia. I know the frustration and anger of people taking what isn't theirs. I am pissed off mightily on your behalf. Bastards.


I also blame the other people in the shop who had to have noticed someone going over to where you just (or still) were and taking your bag. Assholes, all of them.

BTW I'm assuming that this isn't the type of place where they would have cameras and videotape?

I'm so sorry, sweetie.


This is awful. Awful. I' so sorry.

Portia P

What a bummer. It would really, really p**s me off too.

Did you call Hobbs to let them know in case the scumbag goes in for a refund? Perhaps they could do something?

oh shit, that really really stinks. i'm so sorry. and knowing how hard shopping with a baby is, i think i would have gone home and cried.


that was me above, somehow typepad lost me.


You're way to kind in calling this person an asshole. Way to kind.


That's really horrible!! I don't know if it's the same where you are, but in the US either renter's or homeowner's insureance usually covers that kind of thing if you've got it.


It should be covered under your household insurance - it often covers baggage on holiday, and almost always covers your possessions when they are out of the house (Even if they never went into the house!)

And if you need an insurance document interpreter/moaner, I'm married to a professional one...

(And Girl Detective is pretty canny and lives up to her name - do that too!)


Gah. I'm sorry. And I bet the coffee was shit too. I hope things are sunnier your way now...


Surely you mean arsehole? :-)
and yes indeed s/he was one.


Oh shit, Thalia, how appalling. I'm so sorry. I can just imagine how hard the shopping was to begin with, and then that absolutely nasty shock. You poor thing. I hope you get compensated for (at least some of) your loss, and that you find an chic and affordable replacement for the clothes. Gah, I'm so disgusted with people!


What a low thing to do! A woman's new clothes are so...I don't know. I mean, new clothes are such a pick-me-up. To steal them is just beyond mean. It's like kicking a puppy. I'm so sorry. People are jerks sometimes.

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