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Friday, 24 October 2008


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sending you a mood lifter...


Sorry you're overloaded with work and not feeling well. The lack of sleep truly compounds it.


Oh, you poor dear. I wish I could do something to lessen your workload and increase your sleep time -- but for now, know that I'm sending you all my good thoughts, and good wishes for a restful weekend. (I hope you haven't scheduled too many activities, and that you can nap when Pob does.)

And I'm sorry you're not feeling hopeful. Can I carry the hope torch for you?




Know you are jewish but lit you a candle in a beautiful church today- less specific religious more a recognition of having some light and hope to hold onto and to know others will hold it for you !


It will get better, I'm sorry it must be a bit crazy during this financial crisis to be trying to have a baby and take care of another one...just keep it together and soon, you will get to sleep and see Pob. As for this cycle? Who knows? I'll hold out some hope for you at this point.


Hugs from me too. Hopefully you can take a little break this weekend to relax.

Betty M

Sorry work is being such a hard taskmaster. Hardly surprising with that schedule you are feeling ill. Hope the weekend brings some rest.


I hope the work eases up soon so you can at least spend some time with Pob to lift your spirits.


Wow, that sucks. I am working until midnight at the moment, too, but I don't do more than a couple of hours during the day here and there. Sure takes it out of you, especially with a not-sleeping-through baby


Blerg! Hope it gets better soon.


Hope work eases up for you some also. Hang in there Thalia, thinking of you.


Thinking of you and hoping you can have a nice relaxing weekend.


Would you like to split a cheesecake?


I hope things get better on all fronts soon.

Girl Detective

Sending you happy, yellow, fertile thoughts. Life sounds sucky. Hope it improves.


hang in there T this is the hardest part of any cycle top it with a non sleeping babe work and life in general and hey it's a recipe for large doses of icecream cake. i'm currently scoffing mine so i can't share but i can recommend the therapeutic benefits of icecream.


I completely understand no sleeping and feeling like crap, so moan away! Good luck - when does the peefest start?

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