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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


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I'm so sorry about the bleeding. Damn scary. I shall cross my crossables, however...




Oh, sweetie, no. Sending you all my most fervent wishes and hopes for a good beta and beyond.


I'm crossing my fingers for you anyway. Good luck, my dear.

Not to be the eternal optimist (I'm actually very realistic) but I had 3 IVF pregnancies and the first 2 (the ones that made it to term) had gushing of blood early on. In both cases, I was told that an additional embryo had implanted and not developed (in the second, there were actually 3 barely visible sacs at the first u/s, so I know they were right).

I agree that it's terrifying but there's definitely still hope....

Hairy Farmer Family

This pregnancy/bleeding thing just wrings you inside out, doesn't it? I'm so sorry it's not going quite according to plan - but also joining the crossing-fingers team that it's not significant.


keeping all things crossed and hoping for you....


FUCK! everything crossed over here!


Aw man. That's so scary. Fingers and all other relevant parts crossed that all is well.


Nooooooooo! I want to let me horses go! I'm still going to be hopeful, although, having been through this, I understand your pessimism. It could still be okay!


Oh, no. Keeping all crossed that it doesn't mean anything.


I'm sorry Thalia.


*hug* I am stubbornly refusing to give up hope. That's all there is to it.

Thinking of you, sweetie.



Oh crap, I'm going to hope that it's just one of the embryos ending it's run and that there is at least one in there, nice a healthy. Are you doing repeat betas? I know you are travelling right away, but can you get another one at some point?


Thinking of you.


I'm sorry. Hoping it turns out to be nothing and everything is fine.


Oh no. I'm crossing all things crossable. Oh, I'm really hoping for you...


Oh no. I'm so sorry. Fingers crossed for you.

marie baguette

I totally freaked out because I bled every day for 2 weeks from the first beta. I had red, I had thick red, I had brownish, I had every color of the fucking rainbow, but it seems I am fine (so far). Keeping you in my thoughts

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