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Sunday, 10 February 2008


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I wish I could be helpful here, but I'm not sure. I think you normally have more of a burning, stinging sensation on the skin of the nipples with thrush. I used to get shooting pains during feeding or pumping, loosely associated with let down. I also got lots of lovely hardish bumps all around the areola, most of which have stayed around post-breastfeeding.

Hopefully someone else has more helpful advice for you!

Kristina Hill

I would go see a doctor - it could be mastitis which is actually pretty serious and needs antibiotics to clear up. The bumps could definitely be blocked milk ducts and the shooting pains are what I felt when I has mastitis after my son was born. If you don't think your doctor can help you, find another one. Mastitis doesn't go away on it's own and can get really bad if left alone.

Good luck!!


It's mastitis. Get your ass to a Doctor ASAP, and get antibiotics right this second.

Those lumps can turn into an abscess of you just leave them, or stop breastfeeding which some idiotic Doctors tell you to do. (All antibiotics are safe for the baby during bfing.) To get rid of the lumps, you need to gently massage them under hot water, like a shower, and even better, point Pob's nose toward the lumps, literally like dialing her nose. She will be able to unblock the lump much more effectively than any pump.

But you need the antibiotics to get rid of the infection. It sounds like it's very early right now, so the Docs may tell you not to worry, just rest, and use anti-inflamamtories, blah, blah. Ignore them, and go to another Doc, and another, until you get proper treatment. Here we put moms on IV antibiotics for 12 hours and then a 7 day course pills. And a few followup appointments until it's gone.

Take care, and let us know what happens.


I agree with the mastitis folks! It started, for me, with the shooting pains and really, was beyond painful.

Go to the doctor!


Definitely not the lactation consultants, esp if drugs will need to be prescribed. What about going to a breast specialist rather than your GP?

Betty M

It does sound like mastitis. I have had this too although not badly enough to need antibiotics. I tackled it with lot of hot showers,massage, parecetomol and long feeding sessions (that was tough). Go to the GPs - they may surprise you!


Hmmmm, I thought that mastitis also had flue like symptoms, fever and big red zones on the outside of the breast. So if you just have the shooting pains my bet is that it is thrush. My experience with thrush is that a GP doesn't know much about it. There is not much to see when it's thrush and you'll end up showing your boobs to the doctor and having to pay for it! Look in Pob's mouth to see if she has white stuff on the inside of her cheeks. There are several meds that can help and lots of info about thrush on the net, look for instance in the comments of julia's blog: http://julia.typepad.com/julia/2008/01/yeasty.html


If it's mastitis, and I really really hope it isn't, for boob's sake don't stop nursing/ pumping. I learnt this the hard way growing up on a farm - if the cow got mastitis and we politely stopped milking her, oh, lord, the pain we put that poor animal through... Her ducts got blocked solid and her poor udder swelled like someone was inflating it with a bicycle pump. We had to drug her to stop her milk production altogether.

If it's thrush, and I sincerely hope it isn't that either, Pob will have it in her mouth - what Heleen said about white gunk and patches inside her cheeks.

It could just be boobs getting a bit battered by all the pumping though. My sister freaked out once when her baby was three months old - there was blood in the milk and her boob was on fire and we rushed her to a (good, sensible) GP and it turned out a duct had got slightly blocked and little Miss Minx's Super-Suction had torn it. Healed up fine in a couple of days. And pumps are even rougher than babies.

Best wishes that it is nothing at all and goes away very quickly.

PS Not that I'm comparing humans to cows AT ALL. It's just, mammals are mammals, right? Or have I just been a massive git?


If the bumps are on your nipple, they could be clogged nipple pores, though I do think that the comments about mastitis and getting seen warrant your attention.

My experience was that some of the pores on my nipple would jam, like a zit, and milk either wouldn't come out of them, or would leak rather than spurt. I largely had to figure it out on my own, because doctor, lactation consultant and internet were little help. What worked best was warm shower, then squeezing the sides of the nodules as gently as possible, like a zit, until the thickened milk clogging the pore squeezed out. Sometimes I could squeeze it out. Other times I took a sterile needle to it, but I think I did some lasting damage before I figured out how much the squeezing could help, so careful with a needle, if that isn't painfully obvious.

Good luck. Isn't breastfeeding HARD? I was so grouchy when I learned it wasn't easy. I think I was far too influenced by the image of Brooke Shields accidentally placing the baby to her breast in The Blue Lagoon.


That sucks. I hope you find the cause of your symptoms and get it sorted asap.


Yep, I would go to the doctor, too. If you need to battle with doc to get answers, do it. I wish the NHS made it as simple as just getting to a different GP - but you know how to work the system ten times better than I did.



Yikes! I hope it is neither or those things!
I'm going to add my voice to the chorus saying go to the doc.
be well.


oof! I don't know, T, but go to the doctor and get a check. take care, moo


Ack, what a bummer. I hope the docs can be of some help this time.


I would call your ob instead of your GP. They might be able to help with the pain.

PS I posted a new post on my blog.

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