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Wednesday, 13 February 2008


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I think that the virtual circle is one of most important thing this community has to offer to the newly bereaved. In my experience, it doesn't matter so much what people say, but just the fact that they are willing to sit alongside you through the dark moments instead of pretending the world isn't crumbling.

You have done this time after time for me, friend, and it has made such a difference in my healing. I'm sorry that you still feel the pain of those of us in the trenches, but I really appreciate that you are still around. xx


Your post was very moving. Please remember the Simpsons at Our Own Creation as well.


This post brought tears to my eyes, and reading the stories of those you mentioned makes me remember just how awful and unjust infertility is. The IF blogosphere is so important for exactly the reasons you mention. I'm thinking of those who are suffering so much tonight.


This post gave me goosebumps...


You've put it beautifully.


It's hard to believe how big that virtual circle has become but then maybe not. It fills me with rage as well, all the loss, the pain. How much so many of us had and have to go through. The longer we get away from those days of fear the less it hurts personally, but you are so right, I mourn still for my sisters.


I find myself haunted by all this sadness- how did I get so lucky when others are in so much pain? And I feel like an a** for wanting to blog about it for fear it turns into being all about me. But it haunts me. I feel so badly for those 3 families and I don't understand why anyone should have to go through so much sadness.


Great post Thalia. I love that description, I can really relate to it. I have thought of Mary Ellen a lot(I don't know the other's) and each time it brings me to tears both at the injustice and the utter hopelessness.


That is unbelievably sad.

You're right, infertility never goes away - not even if your second baby is conceived straight away.


You are so right.

Though the pain for myself does fade, the heartache I feel when I read about such losses - and when I read about another failure is intense.

Betty M

You are right about how it feels. I doubt you ever lose the ache you get when reading of someone else's loss or pain unless you just shut yourself off from the community entirely.

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