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Friday, 15 February 2008


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Erika Jurney, Plain Jane Mom

Nope, you're not the only one.


I did it this week!
I keep thinking she has a new blog & I'm the only one who doesn't know about it! She was the finest blogger of all time. I wish she would grace us again.


me too. I still laugh when I think of her meditation class posts.


I still have her on feed, so I figure I'll get it that way. Strange how many blogs like that I still have on feed.


I'm afraid to take her down.

(sigh) the end of an era.


I do that too. Hope springs eternal....


me too!! :) your email gave me a shiver when I first glanced at it, I thought she had updated!!! Grrl was my first blog, I remember the post was when she was pretending to talk on her cell phone to the a$$hole guys complaining about their wives!! I found all the other blogs and all you amazing women, through her!


Nope, not just you. And hey, you're in good company. I wonder what the next bloggy idea was, anyway.

SO sad about her lack of archives, too, since she said it all, and so so so well.


Nope I do it too. Not as often as I used to, so I hope you will post if she ever does return. I hold out great hope. She was my first blog too.


I do the same thing!

Stephanie M

yes, yes, yes!! I wish she'd start blogging again or tell us where her new blog is!!!
I loved her!!!! She gave me such humor during a really rough time for me!!!


I have heard theories about where she is now, but they are probably nothing.


you are not alone. She does respond to emails once in a while, she's not really that far away.


I still check as well. Life without her is not quite the same is it.


Not just you. I've always wondered since it's a typepad account (right?) and therefore she is paying for the space (I think?) and I always expect that something may pop up in there at some point.


I finally took her off my feed along with a whole host of other bloggers who I first started reading oh so long ago...I hope she publishes her blog as a book some day. I'd totally go out and read it, then I could say, Yes, I 'knew' her when!

Betty M

I check on and off and I never even had the chance to read the blog in the first place and have only heard of its greatness through the lucky people who still rave about it in current blogs. It is always a real shame when great blogs have to go offline - I know it is what the authors want but the rest of us miss them. I wish I had kept a copy of Cancer, Baby's blog for instance.


I do! Every couple of weeks or so.


I check, too -- and over at Danae's...


Yes, me too. Good to know I'm not alone...

I hardly knew her, but I did actually save the post she wrote when her son was born. I just went back and re-read it again, again, and it brought tears to my eyes. I'm not sure I should have saved it, but it was among the things that helped me keep going along what did, ultimately, prove to be my path to motherhood (though of course I only knew that once it worked).


I didn't find the blogworld until after Grrl stopped posting, but even I check from time to time because I've always heard amazing things about her. I wish I'd gotten a chance to read her blog.


I still check as well. Someone else said they wonder if she has a new blog and they are the only one not to know. It's funny because a while back you posted that you found an old blogger in new diggs and I searched your blogroll in hopes that it was her.

About the "trying for the next". For some reason bloglines didn't alert me to that post. Anyway, I am in the same position except that I am not allowed to do a full on IVF cycle again. So it is "au natural" or frozen (we have 5 frosties) but I feel just as strongly that Boo not be an only child.


I still check, and still hope she comes back.


I also check in at Grrl's place and wonder what she and her little boy are up to... She, also, was among the first blogs I met...


me too


I finally took her blog out of my bookmarks. I hope she's doing well.

Motel Manager

I still check every so often myself. I wish her archives still existed somewhere.



Thank you so much for coming over and finding me. It felt like a great welcome back hug.

I miss Grrl to a ridiculous extent. It's just so strange to have connected with a writer and yet never to be able to read that writing again. I'm the kind of reader who will read a favorite author unlimited times through the years and I wish I could go back and read Grrl. I did email with her once or twice after the blog ended. She wrote me one hilarious note about misfitting bras and a sick Dad as demanding as a newborn. But I let my hotmail account expire and lost her address. In any case, it felt strange to me, somehow, to email with her. It felt both too personal and not personal enough. On the one hand, I would never email to demand custom essays from some random famous writer I happened to admire. On the other hand, with a real friend I expect a level of reciprocity that was never going to exist between me and Grrl. I am sure she never anxiously opened her inbox hoping and hoping for email from Anne. In the end, I realized that all I really wanted was the chance to remain a reader, to have her blog back--or a published book of her essays! I guess the bottom line is that she blogged against genuine pain and neither needed nor wanted to keep a permanent public record of that. The fact that she wrote so brilliantly and touched so many was a happy accident for which she took no particular responsibility.

Anyway, Thalia, I'm glad you're still in the game. I will be reading to hear your thoughts on the second-time start as this is just what I too am looking at.



At least once a month. So much talent. So much gumption.


Same as Erin, but I heard about her even before I found the blogworld for myself. A legend.


And you know what, i also think about Manuela and Wessel....


I check every couple of months. I'm really bummed about it though because I got into the whole IF Bloggers scene right just before she took her site down. :( So when I finally read posts raving about her blog, I was totally disappointed that she took the site down. Everyone says how great she was and I'm not able to read her posts/story because other people ruined it by reposting her stuff. :( I wish she would either put the posts back up for posterity's sake so that us "newbies" needing support could see her story. I've even thought about e-mailing her to see if she would ever publish her posts as a booklet that people could pay her for...basically turn it into a book about her journey in blog post form and I'm sure people would buy it from her, thus protecting her copyright. Sigh...it seems like I'm always too late when it comes to these sorts of web things.


BettyM, I think I have one if it didn't get lost when my external drive died. Email me please.

Lady In Waiting

I haven't seen anything on that blog, though I don't check too regularly.

I am catching up on your blog and wanted to thank you for your candor regarding your feelings surrounding going through IF treatment again. The *only* reason that I am disappointed that I am not having twins is because I really don't want to endure IVF - the shots, the feelings, the fear - all over again. Your post was validating.

Good luck!


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