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Tuesday, 05 September 2006


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Oh goodness - well, you certainly know how to make an impression! ;)

Hoping they let you go soon.

Congrats on the 14 egss! That's fantastic! Hoping many many are mature.


This makes me think of a perfect new slapstick comedy: IVF: the comedy.

It could be on ITV.

I'm glad for you 14 eggs and feel sorry for your NHS exposed bum. Good luck with the fertilisation!


GAH! Yay about the eggs, but how awful to pass out in the loo and end up in the hospital! I hope you're feeling better soon and that they let you go home to your own bed and a good dinner.


Oh geez! Take care of yourself, Thalia. And congratulations on all the follicles!


My goodness. That is an interesting day. Congrats on the 14! Fingers crossed for a great fertilization report. I hope you feel better soon.


Oh dear, what a mess. So hope you are feeling better soon. But I do agree that one day you have the makings of a great comedy. Not mention another story to let your kid know what s/he put you through even before s/he was fertilized.

And way to go on the 14 eggs! Hope you get a great fertilization report.


I was just showing Mr P my scar from my 1st IVF last year when I fainted and impaled myself on the door handle. The scar is still there. I also had a very rough retrieval like yours on my 2nd IVF and it was harder going recovery-wise. I passed lots of bits of tissue and blood for 4-5 days after the retrieval so you should maybe be prepared for that.

The good news is 14 eggs and hopefully that will be the last time you have to put yourself through it. Hopefully they will let you out of hospital sooner rather than later.


Woo hoo on the 14 eggs! Hoping you get some rest tonight and can get home soon. Keeping everything crossed for similarly good fertilization news :)


What an adventure. Congrats on the 14 eggs but sheesh, what we go through for a child, huh? Sorry about your fainting episode. I hope you're cleared to head home soon, and best wishes for a fantastic fertilization report.


Geez Louise, Thalia! As if your egg retrieval weren't exciting enough all by itself... you had to go and pass out in the bathroom?! So sorry. Hope you get out of there soon and those eggs fertilize like crazy.

Lisa P.

Hooray for 14 eggs! But I must tell you I gasped out loud when reading the comedy of errors that followed... "OW!" Hopefully you're back at home soon, no more passing out allowed.


Great news on the eggs - I'll be hoping they are all rockstars. I'm so sorry about the extra soreness and the passing out part. I hope your time at the hospital will be brief so you can cozy up at home. Take care of yourself!!


That's excellent on getting 14 eggs. Get some rest and hopefully you'll get good news on the fertilization.


Congratulations on the 14 eggies! I hope most of them will be prime.

I'm so sorry to hear about your fainting spell! I hope you're feeling better so you can go home and be cozy with H. Curious about the shoes as well...


Hoping that that's the "see what I went through to get you" story you're telling your baby in nine months or so...

14 is fab! Now eggies, lets fertilize!


Sweetie, I think you took getting knocked up a little too literally.

Feel better soon.


Oh my. That's interesting alright! Well, maybe this will be the IVF that had a rough start but a fabulous finish. And hey, great news about the 14. I hope wonderful things are happening with them right now!

And I hope that you are able to get some decent rest in the meantime. With all that you've been through, you really must need it.


Dear Lord, I hope you are ok!!
14 eggs... that is excellent news!

get some rest and lets hope for great fert results : )


Ow. That sucks that you have to stay overnight.
But great news about all the egss!!! Yay!


so pleased for you that you got 14 eggs that's a stella result well done lovely! as to the fainting I hope you feel better in the morning and that it's nothing serious.


OMG! Please take care of yourself...and yay! 14 eggies! That was my lucky number this past cycle.


Thinking of you - take care of yourself!!!


well I guess this answers any debate about when to go back to work....sounds like you need a few days off now.

Congrats on the 14 eggs. and please take care of yourself.

and Thalia-I really hope this is the last time you need to go through this...for the best reason possible!


OMG..I am so glad you are okay..but that must have been scary.

Congratulations on the 14 eggs!


Holy CRAP! What a dramatic conclusion to such a FANTASTIC retreival count!

Hoping, hoping, hoping, Thalia... with all my might.

Lut C.

That's too much exitement for an egg retrieval!
I'm glad you got yourself out quickly, I shudder to think what could have happened.

14 eggs is a fabulous start. Good luck with them!

I don't suppose you'd be willing to keep me posted by text message while I'm on holiday? Oh well, I'm sure you'll do great without my knowing all about it. ;-)

Alexandra/Infertile Gourmet

14 is good....very very good. Fingers are crossed in cliche unison and I am hoping for you:)

Sorry about the pass out. Like IF is not a slap in the head already.


Yikes that sounds terrible. Did the same doctor do the retrieval? Can't wait to hear how the fab 14 does.

Urban Chick

ouch - sorry to hear about the fainting episode (in my case, it was mr chick who almost fainted and missed the egg retrieval action (as i slipped into a sedated state, i was muttering frantically 'tell him not to worry about being there for the retrieval - tell him not to worry - you will tell him won't you?'

and boo to hear about being stuck in hospital - hope you are released soon

but yay to hear about the 14 eggs (i got a seemingly unlucky 13, 8 of which fertilised and 4 of which were 'quality', 2 of which went in and bingo!)

crossing fingers and toes for you....



Yikes. Well, get better soon. 14 is great!


Owie...in more ways than one...but it sounds like all that digging was productive.

Congrats on a nice round number of eggs. Remind us: are you going to blast?


14 eggs!! Wonderful! Sorry to hear about the fainting but glad to hear you're ok. I hope you can get some rest and you get a lot of good fertilization!


I'm sorry you got hurt.
I did the passing out in the bathroom thing after my laparoscopy (long ago), but I didn't bang into anything, so I didn't get stuck overnight.

waiting line

jeesh, Thalia, I hope you're alright. what a scare. I'm so sorry.

good news on your 14 eggs. I'm hoping that they most, if not all, are mature!!

can't wait to hear about the shoes. in due time.

get home and get well soon.

waiting line

jeesh, Thalia, I hope you're alright. what a scare. I'm so sorry.

good news on your 14 eggs. I'm hoping that they most, if not all, are mature!!

can't wait to hear about the shoes. in due time.

get home and get well soon.


Oh Thalia, how awful! At least with my worst retrieval story (the bladder puncture fiasco) I got to go home.

I hope all is well by tomorrow and one of those lovely eggs grows into your first born so you can tell him/her this story when s/he is a naughty teenager!


Yep, 14 is the lucky number!


Holy crap. I hate passing out. Hopefully you'll get released soon. 14 is a good yield.


Congrats on the 14 eggs but sorry about your head!


Yeah for 14- hope a good number fertilize. Ugh on the fainting and admit- I hope you get home soon and can recover. Hope those embryos are currently fertilizing and dividing away!


Dear Lord/Goddess/Higher Power,

Why oh why aren't these things EVER easy?!? As if all that poking around wasn't painful enough! Please let Thalia go home soon and bless her 14 eggs.

And make her head stop hurting.

Thank you,



Enjoy your NHS mini-break! Well done on the 14 eggs. I fainted in the shower on the morning of my first follicle tracking. It totally freaked me out and my husband thought I was dead.


Holy crap! Sorry that you have to spend the night in the ward-that blows. I'm glad that they got so many eggs though!

Rest up and take care of yourself. Can't wait to hear about the pointy shoes!


14!!! That's awesome. Totally totally awesome. I hope you feel better soon and get home and gets lots of good rest. Fingers crossed. Thumbes holded. And many many good thoughts headed your way.

Sunny Jenny

Good news on the eggs! Not so good news on being in a NHS ward :(

Crossing my fingers for a good fertilization report!


Oh, no! You poor thing. Hope you're feeling better now.

Congratulations on the eggs! I am hopeful!


Wow, 14 eggs!

Sorry to hear about passing out, but here's the flipside - you're eggs are close to hand! The fertilisation will be taking place with you actually in the same building!

Rest up, fingers crossed for great fertilisation.


good lord! i hope you get home to your own bed soon. congrats on the retreival, that's solid news.


Oh dear, Thalia, I hope you get discharged soon, after you get a big "all clear" from the doctors.


Oh my goodness! Well congrats on the eggies and best of luck on the fert and transfer!

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