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Wednesday, 06 September 2006


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Wheee-hee! Nine! That is great news, my dear!

Your ward experience sounds pretty grim. Don't do anything more strenuous today than turning pages!

Hoping hoping hoping hoping...


Great news about the fertilization report! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!


YAY THALIA. 9 - that's fantastic. Sounds like a rough hospital stay. It is amazing how much hope I have for you. It's intense. It's like I am transferring the hope I can't feel for my cycle to yours. But that's all I want to share this month. I don't want any part of the 2nd retrieval was much rougher than the first bit, ok? Because my 1st retrieval went smoothly and I am choosing to believe that that might continue.


WOW! 9 is great news. Now take it easy.

Carrie P

Fantastic news about the fertilisation. Sorry to hear you had to spend a night in hospital next to those women suffering from HG - that can't have been easy.

I hope you're feeling properly better soon, and most of all, I hope this cycle is successful.


Yipppee! Great news, Thalia.


Wahoooo! That is such great news!! Hoping the transfer goes smoothly tomorrow :)


Oh, how lovely! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow -- and praying that you'll end up with a pregnancy that stays this time.

Sunny Jenny

Faboulus news!! Enjoy your time on the couch!


Now that you know you need a good, slow simmer, may you never need that knowledge again. Great numbers. I'm glad you're feeling better.


Fantastic! Grow, little embryos, grow! Will be anxiously awaiting tomorrow's update.


What great news! I am so so so glad that you got more eggs this time, and you have so many that fertilized.

I'm sorry about the aftermath of the retrieval though. Hope you're recuperating nicely at home now.


I have a good feeling about this cycle of yours . . . good luck tomorrow Thalia!


Betty M

Really great results there. Sorry you had to suffer overnight in hospital. I thought the nurses were being melodramatic when telling me not to lock the loo door in the EC recovery area but clearly not - not a nice place to faint. All best wishes for tomorrow.


I am so happy to hear that everything is going well (with the fert, not the hospital stay). Dare we hope for some frozen one's as well?


thalia - that is wonderful about the fertilization! and i'm just catching up with you and read the fainting story. holy crap! i am glad you're ok and it almost makes me want to laugh because it's all so absurd, what we go through. like you also needed to faint and bonk your head? please.

a night on the ward puts everything in perspective, doesn't it? that's what happened to me when i wound up in the ER with chest pains after my retrieval... all of a sudden my problems became very small.

i am 2days post FET (5-day blasts) and so will be in the wait with you, my friend. i wish you the luck of the draw. hugs


Congrats on the great fert. numbers. Is it possible to have egg/embryo envy? :-)


That's spectacular! This is so exciting! I hope the night with the two pregnant women wasn't too horrible.


Congrats, everything sounds great! I hope the bump on your head is alright. Good luck tomorrow.


That's fantastic - I love plurals!!!! Can't wait to hear the whole story.

Urban Chick

woo! 9 outta 14 is goooood!

good luck for the ET...

waiting line

FAN-TAB-ULOUS! Great news Thalia!


Congrats! Fantastic news. Good luck with the next step.

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

9!!!! That is amazing Thalia!!! Congrats! :D

So, a 2 day transfer? Is that what you normally do or is this the first time? Just wondering why 2 days.

And what was transferred your last cycle that you got pregnant on? Sorry, I can't remember!!

My clinic is big into 3 day transfers. Although they took 2 or 3 embryos to Blast stage after the fresh transfer last year, so we do have a couple frozen blasts leftover.

Since doing 3 day FET's C L E A R L Y isn't working for me, I am hoping to try a blast transfer this next time....whenever the hell that might be!!

Good luck with the transfer tomorrow -- how many will you transfer, do you know yet?

All the best,


You're doing so well!


How wonderful - 9!!! Good luck - I'm wishing you all the very best for the happy outcome... Everything crossed!


Hoping everything goes well tomorrow! Can't wait to hear the news!


Fantastic! Good luck tomorrow!


Great that you're doing a 2 Day transfer too.
Good luck, enjoy the novel.


keep those great numbers coming! 9 fert woohoo lovely that's an awesome result. glad your home and feeling a tad better.


Excellent news! I hope transfer goes very, very smoothly.


I've said it before and I'll say it again.
You're CLEVER!!!!


Great Thalia... hope they divide like the wind... hmm, that simile doesnt make much sense, but oh well... it means I am wishing you well.


Nine-awesome!! Good luck with the transfer!! Hugs!

fisher queen

Great news! Good luck!


Amy and I are cheering you on, with wine!!!


NINE!!!! That's sooooo awesome. Hope the transfer went swimmingly. Thinking of you and your embies. Yay!


What great numbers. How the transfer goes well. No fainting after that, okay?

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