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Saturday, 16 September 2006


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I hate, hate, hate HPTs. They are evil.

So many of us are thinking of you and pulling for you.


1) I think it's too soon.
2) Good call on the hiding the used test, at least for now.
3) I still think it might be too soon.
4) "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" final is on tonight, and what is as distracting as someone's West End hopes getting crushed?
5) Don't give in to the dark side yet. I totally understand why you would be despairing, as I would be despairing too, but still-no fat ladies are singing right now.

Thinking of you.


Of course it could be too early. Of course it could. Especially with mid afternoon urine. But now of course it's an even worse headf*ck.
Maybe you should tell H? Can you really bear to agonize in silence?
I know you're in for a long night ahead but I'm hoping you can just get to sleep tonight and get through it.
And most of all hoping the morning brings you better news.
As if things weren't hard enough for you already. It just sucks.


Damn those HPT's. I swear, they are evil. Hopting tomorrow gives better results.


I don't think I would have been able to resist testing either, but my understanding is that it is entirely too early to despair. I'm hoping you'll have better news in the morning.

Julia S

With respect to Julianna, who has my undying admiration, I love hpts. Looove them. And I am an emphatic believer in validity of early testing. Why, I even had a line show up once with a beta of 3. 3, I tell you.

However, and I am not just saying this to cheer you up, a negative at 9dp2dt is not to be trusted. Not at all. Truly. I swear it.

Hang in there. We are all hoping for you.


I am just so hoping for you and H that it's still too early.


I know that feeling all too well. And you are certainly NOT stupid, Thalia. You want what we all do, and that is for this to work.


Too soon, too soon, too soon! Hang in there, Thalia. Everything crossed, refreshing madly, etc. etc. etc.


Um, you don't know me, but FWIW I got only the faintest of lines 14(!!!) dp3dt... i.e. 6 days further along than you are. I understand your despair but I think it is literally true that you don't know any more now that you have POAS than you did before you POAS.

I recommend chocolate. I hope tomorrow morning brings good news.


Try not to be discouraged, it's still early. Leave the house so the sticks aren't taunting you all day. Maybe a movie to get your mind off things, at least for a little while.

Crossing my fingers and toes for you.


HPT's are so evil! Not that I could restrain myself from testing if we go through this again, but 9dp2dt is early. I got a resounding negative at 10dp3dt, so even if it is negative tomorrow, please don't despair.


TOO EARLY! Sending hugs & virtual chocolate bars...

ms. c

Do not despair, and do not feel stupid. Please. Having little experience with HPTs (ie: used them, but knowing that really there was no way it would yield a positive), I can't offer personal experience. However, if the other ladies say it could be too early, then I'll go along with that. I'm hoping for you, Thalia...


Sorry that you're finding yourself in such an unhappy place right now. I wouldn't have been able to resist, either. I hope that stick was crap and the one you use tomorrow will relay better news.


HPT are little devils incarnate. I hate them. And it was too soon. I'm thinking of you, hon. This is just agonizing.


Doesn't matter if we say it's too early or not does it? In your head the only way you will now be convinced it worked is if you see that 2nd line. Otherwise, you will agree that the test was valid. I know, I've been there. Damn Thalia, I hope it was too early.


do not give in to the gloom just yet, see what tomorrow brings. really pulling for you.

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams


I mean, when I say I had a FAINT line at 8dp3dt it was SOOOOO freaking FAINT, one nearly needed a microscope to see the line!!! (and the light of a thousand suns, for that matter!!!)

Also, especially with afternoon urine -- NOT GOOD!!!! Save up your pee for like, 12 hours, and THEN we'll talk!!!! ;)

I would refrain from telling hubby about the pee stick thus far, because it really doesn't tell you anything conclusive yet.

You know, even tomorrow is early, so if it still isn't showing positive, please try and keep that in mind. 10dp2dt is early! (although I fully support you testing!! I'm not saying that, since I am a POAS addict, I would never discourage anyone from testing!!) :)

How about doing some baking or something to get your mind off it for a bit? Or watch a movie? Movies always help me....

Crossing all my fingers and toes for better results tomorrow!!

Take care,


all that great expanse of white is telling you is that the trigger shot is out of your system, don't despair as everyone else has said, it's way too early for that

Motel Manager

Too early, especially with the mid-afternoon pee! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you....!

Lisa P.

I'll add to the chorus of "too early" although I have never been one to worry about that -- cheap peesticks were my answer this month (and yes I did take one, even though it's too early for me too!!) Chocolate sounds VERY good...

And I somehow combined Nilla's lines above and thought she was recommending movies and popcorn with butter (not better, as she actually said...)


So I'm not going to tell you it's too early, way too early, because you know that already. Instead I will continue to send good thoughts for you and any chocolate or treat you would like. Hoping tomorrow morning brings very different results.

Carla Hinkle

Re: early testing, I vacillate between hating it and trying to avoid it, and doing it as much as possible in order to steel my heart with a rash of negatives so the REAL negative is not so crushing. I don't know if it is better for hope to die all at once or in small bits?

But no, no, this super-early test doesn't mean it really is negative. Just hang in there until tomorrow at least.


Just hanging around keeping you company, hoping as hard as I can...


I'm truly not trying to blow happy smoke up your bum, but it really could be not only (1) too early and (2) too early to detect hcG in afternoon urine.

So I'm still sending good energy your way for tomorrow.


I once POAS'd AFTER a positive pregnancy test, maybe a week or 2 later, just to have a BFP in my possession. It still barely turned a second line, and it didn't happen right away. So I say "Throw out all the evil sticks!!" They do nothing but upset us. Maybe it is too early, but now you are so stressed out that nothing seems good.

Do something distracting and wait for the nice lady with the needle. She can tell you for sure.

Good luck.


could be too early, could be sensitivity of the test. either way it's certainly not conclusively no at this point. I propose keep peeing, early and often!


Of course it's too early. But, I get why you had to do it. Wishing hard for you...


Well, there is the peestick camp and the unpeestick camp. I'm in the unpeestick camp, so whenever I read a post like this I have to restrain myself from replying, "Why? Why why why do you do it to yourself? Don't you know that way lies madness?"

But of course you know. And if it weren't for the fact that madness lay in every which direction, the choice would be a little clearer.

I guess we can all hope the test was wrong. I know that's what I'll be doing. I just hope we're justified in doing so.



I have done afternoon testing with diluted urine before, too. And then I would fret over that BFN. I have told myself it is too early many times, and usually that snowy expanse stayed white. BUT... once a second HPT did have a second line. So, it can happen. Likely? Statistically, perhaps not. But possible.

Those little sticks are so hard to resist!

I hope it was just too early and you get a positive!


Of course it's too early but I have a feeling no matter how much we say that, it's still dreadful seeing all that white. I'll be hoping so very hard that tomorrow you see a bit more color and a whole lot less white.


Yes, it's definitely too early, and also, mid afternoon pee = diluted. I have everything crossed for you, Thalia. It's your turn now.


I say it's too early. Holding out hope!


Too early, middle of the day, ditto what everyone else said. Try not to freak. Oh jeez, I hope my long dramatic email yesterday didn't contribute to the freakout. Wish I could make it better, but I guess nothing short of a big fat positive will really do that. Hoping that for you.


Ack! Don't sabatoge yourself with early tests!

Good luck tomorrow. I'm praying and hoping and praying and hoping...

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