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Thursday, 14 September 2006


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Yeah, that's right, you've gotta do what works for you. Or at least whatever keeps you from going over the edge. Sunday sounds like a good day -- I hope it turns out to be a day of quiet, cautious celebration.


Thalia, sweetie, please do whatever you need to do to keep your sanity, but also remember that as you wrote, all pregnancies are different. Meaning that even your pregnancies are different. The symptoms you had or didn't have last time are not necessarily the same ones you will or won't feel this time.

So wishing you didn't have to go through this right now. Hang in there.


Keep on distracting yourself... Hang in there!


Oh Thalia, I'm sorry this is so hard. Being in limbo is torture, isn't it? I have nothing helpful to say, but will be sending you thoughts for a good outcome.


I think each subsequent 2ww is harder than the previous. The obsessing over possible symptoms and basketcaseness in general just gets worse. It just sucks, and I'm sorry you're in that place right now.

Sunday sounds good to me. I always found the equivalent of 12dpo to be a good time to break out the pee sticks. Good luck!!!

Kellie from One Mother's Journey

My fingers are crossed for you.

Carla Hinkle

Thinking of you ... do you have some bad TV saved up that you can watch to make the time go by a bit faster? Sunday (or Saturday for that matter) seems so far away ... and I'm sure much farther to you than to me ...


The agony is palpable. I hate this part. I so hope this is it for you.

Hang in there.


Thinking of you and hoping for you. I wish it didn't have to be so tough for all of us.


Ugh. I can identify 1000% with your stipulation that so much of infertility is horror and stress - over and over and over.

Thalia, I am SO very much wishing for good things for you...

Love and hugs. Hang in there. I will await your post on Sunday morning.


What Amanda said - every 2ww is worse. I want Akeeyu's fast forward button.

Thinking of you and H.


With my first chemical I got postitive pee sticks by 7dpd5 transfer.

With whatever the hell happened in July (probably another chemical) I didn't get a positive until 12 days post day 5. But of course that positive only lasted 2 days.

And this time I will still be peeing on sticks long before it could reasonably give me a reliable answer. Because there is no sanity in my house during the 2 ww.

Lisa P.

Thalia, I'm sorry I don't understand the correlation between 10dp2dt and dpo, but hopefully it will be the perfect day all around.


Hang in there, Thalia.


Thinking of you...


I can relate to the obsessing over every symptom. That's okay; just do what you need. Thinking of you.


I hate the second week. It just sucks. Badly.



Hang in there Thalia--Monday is just around the corner. Thinking of you!


I got nothing for you in terms of advise or shoulds or should nots, just do what you can to make it through the next few days. I'm not a big believer in poas but I can never wait either. I hear you on the getting harder and harder and hope so very hard for you that you get two beautiful lines and everything goes perfectly from there. It's high time.


Ligament pain in inner thigh is a sign.
So say I.
...that Orange Belt is within reach Thalia, I know it!


Sending you big hugs, sweetie. I heartily agree with Amanda that the 2ww just gets harder and harder (and longer and longer) the more cycles you have under your belt.

Also, FWIW I think 8dp3dt is too early, so I'm glad you're waiting (if you recall, my friend Laura POAS'd at 8dp3dt and got a negative, and then got a positive the following day). Hang in there. Thinking of you.xxx


I'm wishing you the best, Thalia. I know how hard this is and how easy it is to dwell on every little thing. Stay focused and try to relax...easier said than done, I know.


Been lurking but I can't stand it any longer: you do whatever works for you and we will all be out here for you.
I am crossing all digits and then some.

waiting line

. . . I know how you feel. It might work, it might not. Do I feel something, or did I make it up? I'll POAS 8dpt, no it will be 10dpt! Jeesh. It's enough to drive you crazy. Hang in there! It's not easy, that's for sure.


thinking of you and wishing you those two lines thalia. x


The 2ww is the absolute worst thing, it's true. But it's true-you may or may not have symptoms. And if you test on Sunday and there's only one line, don't get too down-still early days.

In the meantime, we're all checking on you and wishing big time.


Dear Thalia, I'm just catching up now. I've been thinking about you a lot and hoping the worries weren't closing in. I'm so sorry they are -- this waiting must be excruciating. All I can say is, I hope so hard for you that sometimes I feel a knot in my stomach. May Sunday bring you wonderful news.

A big hug and a distracting conversation about the subject of your choice. (Ice-cream flavors, perhaps?)


Hmmmm... ice cream flavors? My absolute favorite ice-cream ever was a white chocolate gelato that I had in Pisa, Italy. To.die.for. Most white chocolate ice cream isn't very good though, the essence of white chocolate is very hard to capture! Of ordinary ice cream, I'd probably have to go with the old stand-by, mint chocolate chip. Although a place near us makes a cotton candy ice cream that's also surprisingly good :-)

I hope that the next few days fly by for you, Thalia, and that you get a nice juicy positive HPT on Sunday! When is your beta scheduled for? (Sorry if I missed it on a previous post).

k #2

Call everyone you know and fill every minute with activities to get you to Sunday when you can test. I will be waiting eagerly to hear the results!


Find something distracting! I find terrible movies and anything by Joss Whedon to be very helpful. Oh, and the Daily Show. These are all exceptional distractions. Good luck.


I don't think 2ww anxiety is limited to newbie's, no need to shoot you. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday and say a little prayer for no blank white spaces.


Good luck and hang in there!

Take care


I'm right there with you. I feel like a newbie at 6dp3dt and busily analyzing every cramp. Mind you I am on boatload of PIO and heparin and I am taking it all in the a.m which is totally the reverse of all past cycles, so who the hell knows what is up. I am having mid 2ww crisis. Hoep you are doing better than me as you are reading this. Later. Moo


Thalia - Don't go beating yourself up for feeling so anxious and nervous and basket casey. How could you not feel this way?

I still firmly believe, as you know, that all symptoms, or lack there of, are an indication of nothing.

Add me to the long list of others that SO want this for you. Fingers are crossed and I'll be thinking of you.


Wringing my hands and hoping for you...


I totally agree that each 2ww gets harder, especially after everything you've been through! If you WEREN'T a basket case, then I'd be worried.

If you can wait until Sunday and that feels right to you, then that's a plan...I will be waiting to hear and keeping my fingers crossed.

If obsessing over P. symptoms was an Olympic sport, we'd all have gold medals :-)


I'm a peestick addict so I can't tell you not to pee on a damn stick (I swear I hate them, the snowy white is the worst). We really should all invest stock in Pee sticks. God, I just hate the 2ww, it's psychotic, hoping that you'll get a positive Thalia, hoping those twinges are a good sign. I seen your name in a book I'm reading today and I immediately thought of you and wondered if the author read your blog.
Thinking of you!


If the thigh ligament pain is a good sign then wooohoo! I wondered the exact same thing today - I'm 4dp3dt.


on the up side, another whole day has passed only a few more to go, I wish I had some words to offer here but really there arn't any other than, thinking of you and really hoping for the best.

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