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Thursday, 07 September 2006


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Wonderful news! So will the annointed one do everything early? Like implant and such? I hope you have an overachiever on your hands (or in your ute as it were.)

And does this mean you have embryos to freeze???

I am wishing you all the best~~may the clinic become a thing of your past.


Great, great news, Thalia! Now I can stop refreshing like some sick blog stalker...

May the anointed one and/or its unanointed sidekick make themselves wonderfully at home, for the long haul.

Whatever it is that turns out to be the secret key to all this, I hope with all my heart that you are -- inadvertently or by design -- doing it as we speak. May this work out beautifully, my dear.


I have been out of blogland for a while, but what thrilling news to come back to! I am so glad things went well (except for the head injury, of course). I will be checking back obsessively for news over the next weeks.
I really, really want this to work for you.


As embryos go, you don't get better than that lot. I fervently hope for a wonderful outcome.

Re the secret key - well, it's too late for us lot but I suspect it's what I read on a tabloid cover this morning: Freeze eggs in your 20s for when you finally get your proper relationship in your mid 30s/40s. And probably also freeze your sperm, chaps.

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams


Congrats on a wonderful transfer! Sounds like you are off to an amazing start, even better than you last cycle!

I hope the early achiever does everything early, and starts implanting in there ASAP!! ;)

Looking forward to your updates over the next a couple of weeks!

Now go and get some rest!

Take care,


Oh! I hope that it all works this time around.....and that if science does find that magic bullet that it doesn't have anything to do with giving up ANTM!!


Congrats on your embies. Yes, it doesn't appear your issue is with their quality (thankfully). A significant part of our lives the past 15+ months has also been at the fertility clinic. On those off cycles when we decide to try 'timed intercourse' I feel a bit lost. No ultrasounds, trigger shots, input from whomever, it's become odd. When we do get pregnant (let's think positively), I won't know what to do without this crutch. And forget enjoying sex for sex. These days, we can be a week either side of supposed ovulation and our thoughts are with how we can ensure sperm count will be optimal by the time its needed! I'm keeping you in my thoughts. Good luck.


I am so happy to hear this news! I am rooting so hard for those two little guys (or girls) to stay put.


I'm so glad to hear such good fertilization and transfer news. And so many on ice - that's fantastic!
I'm sorry to hear you had to make it through the all those pregnant women but you're right, I'd say at least one or two had been in your shoes. And if they noticed the direction you came from, I bet they were even cheering you on.

Lisa P.

Oh yay! congrats on such a good transfer.


Wow. Your embryos sound fabulous. (And wow, is that a weird-sounding compliment)
Here's hoping!!!

Carrie P

This is great news Thalia - congratulations.

I may become a patient at your clinic soon - I do hope you'll be one of the visibly pregnant women I'll see on my visits there.


How lovely it is to hear you sound so good! I'm so happy for you!

As for the hordes of pregnant women, when I run into those situations, I make every sixth one I see an infertile in my mind. That's the statistic right? Who's to say I'm wrong and at the very least, it might help me feel a little better.


Congrats on those star embryos! Now stick and hold on for dear life, little guys!


Thalia, I pray this works out for you. Everything sounds so wonderful so far. Fingers crossed!


Glad to hear that the transfer was uneventful, as it should be. I am crossing my fingers for the annointed ones (come on.... we can't play favorites here).

I'm not sure if we will ever fully understand infertility. The whole process is so complex and there are so many unknowns. But I do beleive that in 20 years we will be ALOT further than we are now. Invitro is still so young, there's a lot of room for new research and breakthrough's. Probably not in our reproductive life though.... sigh.


I love cleaving embryos. I think I just like the term cleave.

Good luck!


Fantastic news on the fertilisation and transfer! Everything sounds right on track :)

Still keeping everything crossed for you, sweetie! xx

Mary Ellen

It sounds like you transferred some great embies Thalia. How exciting! I hope that they are snuggling in right now. Sending you a hug!


Congrats on making beautiful embryos together. I hope so much that it translates for you.


Great news Thalia! Congrats. Good luck on this cycle.


Congrats on a great transfer! Here's hoping that both live up to their star potential. You sound happy and positive, and that can only be a good thing. Mind over matter, after all!


What wonderful news! I know just what you mean about wanting to know what the magical "one thing" is that would make infertility go away. Not knowing is hard. Perhaps it will turn out that the key for you is bathroom fainting. I am wishing and praying that these embryos burrow in and turn into the baby (babies?) you are hoping for.


Hm, downside of such an early transfer is that the two weeks wait will be so long. I wish you lots of courage for the next twelve days! Up till now your numbers are very much the same as mine were 11 months ago. And I sit here typing with one baby on my lap, and another in a bouncing chair... Good luck!


Fab news. Keeping everything crossed for you.


It all sounds so promising. I've got every crossable bit crossed for you.


Great news T,
Praying this cycle is successful for you!


ooohhh Wally is actually a cute name for your little early cleaver. although beav was really my fav.

send all sorts of good wishes your way thalia.


So glad to hear the transfer went well. Those embies sound great! Glad you had some to freeze, although you won't be needing them. Crossing everything that this is it for you.


Congrats! And extra congrats for all your frozen treasure.

What would I not give up? I've tried all the trendy stuff too . . . wheat-free, dairy-free, all organic, tried acupuncture, meditation, etc. None of it has made an impact for me either.

I've wondered if giving up material goods would help. (Not that we are wealthy to begin with) but fertility does not seem to be an issue in high poverty populations, so maybe our relative wealth is the key??

(Is that why fertility tretments are so damn expensive? They are trying to "cure" us of our wealth! Yes, right, that's it!)


PS Great that they finally let you transfer two!


Congrats on a super transfer! Hope that the 2ww goes by quickly for you.


Thalia -

Just want to say that I'm pulling for you. Sending lots of positive karma your way.


Sounds like you have a couple of excellent embies on board. Thinking such very good thoughts for you.

I know all too well what you mean about a magical combination or the one thing that's the key. I've tried it all--to no avail. I'm hoping a really small car is the key. Or perhaps a studio apartment. We always felt either of those would probably help.

Bestest wishes.

Womb in waiting

Your embies sound like stars - may this be your time, may they attach hard & fast for the next 9 mths. Thinking of you. The wait isnt much fun.

fisher queen

Great news Thalia! A magic bullet would be nice, wouldn't it? I hope you've got it this time.


Sending you lots of good thoughts for these next two weeks and beyond. The attack of the pregnant women is always a painful walk, but as you say, who knows what their walk was before? Keep us updated!


superb news on the fert report and transfer!, yay to the 2 perky dividers on board may they divide and conquer. everything crossed for an easy 2 weeks with a great end (say 8.5 months) result.


I am so hoping for you my dear....so, so, hoping for you and your lovely husband.

Take care,


Thalia--this is fantastic news!! I am so glad the transfer went well and that you had some good embryos to freezel. Good luck, I will be thinking about you in the next 2 weeks!


Sounds like a fab transfer Thalia, good luck. Will be checkin' and hopin' and wishin'....



I'm so excited to hear your great news. I'll be thinking of you and your little super embryos!


Congrats Thalia! Understatement ahead: I really, really hope this is it.


Just catching up! Good luck!!


Thalia, I missed the past week in bloglandia and what a week I missed! I'm so happy for all your good news. Well, okay, the fainting wasn't so good, but the rest of your news was. May you have a speedy 2 weeks.

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