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Monday, 21 August 2006


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Welcome back, Thalia! I'm glad you had a refreshing vacation. Also, congratulations on being more svelte and flexible; I admire your dedication.


Welcome back! Your holiday sounds truly amazing. What a rejuvenating experience. And it sounds as if you got some great results too, fitness / weight loss wise.

Cycle news also sounds very promising. Hopefully now that you're "relaxed".... okay, forget I said that!

As far as exercising, I think that once your ovaries get big you need to be more careful, but as long as you're not feeling any discomfort / pain in that area it should be fine. I didn't stop any of my exercises during my cycles, but I was doing IUI, not IVF, so not quite so much ovary enlargement.


Welcome back! It sounds like a great trip - I feel rested having read about it :)


Welcome back. Glad you have a relaxing trip. Good luck on he cycle. Will we get pictures?


Nothing like coming back and having work try to undo all the destressing you did at the spa.

Welcome back, your trip sounded wonderful, I hope you are able to savor it a while.


Welcome back!! I'm glad that you had a great time-it sounded like bliss.

As for exercising, I remember my during my meds class that light cardio is okay, but once you start stims the don't recommend any kind of exercise that could cause ovarian torsion, due to the enlarging ovaries. Although, I'd think that exercising a bit would be okay, since it's bring blood flow to the uterus....

Good luck-it seems that we're sort of cycling together again......we MUST stop meeting like this....*blushing*.....


Dear Thalia, it's great to have you back! And just look at you -- do a little twirly-dance so we can admire you properly! Well done on the weight loss and the glorious bendiness. Your vacation sounds maaaaah-velous. I hope the effect doesn't wear off too quickly -- always a danger when you hit the ground running upon your return. Although it doesn't sound like you have much of a choice...

Your ovaries sound properly suppressed. Very good news. They need to rest up for their upcoming tour de force, which I hope (please, this time, please) brings you all that you desire. (Except Sam Shepard.)


I'm glad you had a great trip. Best of luck with this cycle. My fingers are most definitely crossed.

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

Yay! You're back!!! ;)

Your trip sounds amazing! And getting to lose weight while on vacation is even more amazing! Congrats!!

Your FSH levels sound fab, wow. What is Zoladex and what does it do in relation to FSH?

So much as happened in the bloggy-world while you've been away.... !!


Thank goodness you are back! I have missed you, sweetie. I would nix working on the abs during the stims but really you can do whatever is comfy for you.


Welcome back.
Very excited by the sound of the food.
Do you think they were telling the truth about the naan and dal? It sounds impossible.


Welcome back, we missed you!

Best wishes for this cycle... I'll be checking in along the way!

And way to go on the weight loss!


Wow, that vacation sounds fabulous.

I can't advise on the excercise during stimming because I hate exercising and will take any excuse to get out of it, so I quit doing almost everything during IVF. But my doctors say that you should take it easy as your ovaries start to fill and then for a few days after retrieval. After that, she says I can do anything I am comfortable with.


Welcome back! The spa sounds wonderfully dreamy.

FWIW, in all 6 of my cycles I continued to work out 5-6x/week (cardio + Pilates-style core work) up until trigger, then took it easy until beta. But of course I didn't end up getting pregnant, so...

And well done on the weight loss! Yippee!


Welcome home!! Damn did I miss you & your updates!
Glad that you had such a wonderful rest & vacation.
& as for the weight stuff- high five!!
Ever since I started medicated cycles I have had to say good bye to my body.


wow, you seem to be in a really good space!


Very impressed by all that you got done just after you came back! And the mention of builder's tea made me want to race to Ferrari's caff in Smithfields where I think the best mug of tea is in London! You sound super charged and motivated and well done on the weight loss!


woohoo your back, glad you had a great time and the weight loss now that IS something to sing about well done! it's so great to read you so up and happy despite the work front stuff, welcome home lovely


Welcome home!

Womb in waiting

Welcome back. It sounds just wonderful. I hope the effects linger for a long while.


We missed you! Wow I am impressed . . . sounds like a VERY healthy break. Daily massage would be my version of heaven on earth.


Welcome back! You sound refreshed and wonderful. Your time away sounds divine. I hope you'll share all your Thai secrets as I'm currently planning my own trip.

Best of luck this cycle.


Thalia is back!!! YEAH!!! missed you. Your holiday sounds wonderful. Congrats on feeling better and the weight loss. I think focsing on not gaining is a good plan. I hope the holiday effect lingers for a while!


Welcome home! You've convinced me that the trip to Thailand is on the agenda at some point. As for the working out, I cut agressive abwork (crunches and the like out)out the day I started stims, but I exercised all the way through. Excellent FSH by the way - Zoladex or not, that's impressive. Hopefully the work stuff will settle down, but it does always seem to get complicated when you come home, doesn't it?Fingers are tightly crossed for this cycle.


Welcome back, sounds like a wonderful holiday!

Good luck with your cycle, hope to hear great things from you very soon!


Welcome back! Your holiday sounded wonderful and refreshing... I am jealous! :)


Welcome back! Your vacation sounds like absolute heaven. Missed you!

fisher queen

I could do the elliptical machine while stimming, but no pilates almost from the start.

Am dying for the dahl recipe. Please share if you get it!

Welcome home!


Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, good food and everything! What a wonderful mindset to start your cycle with. I hope being back at work doesn't ruin all the good your holiday has done for you and you can keep the good feelings with you!


Welcome back - the trip sounds just amazing! I'm so glad it was physically restorative for you and H.
Afraid I was not exactly very active during stims so I don't have much to offer on that point. But I hope you're able to find something that keeps you feeling good.


Welcome back. Glad you had a relaxing time away. Yoy really deserved it. Thailand is one of my favorite places - we went for our first anniversary. it's the perfect place to find balance and it sounds like you did just that. Good luck with this cycle.

waiting line

welcome back!


Welcome back! And what a fantastic vacation you had! A break where you actually get to lose weight and gain flexibility...sounds truly amazing.
Ditto on other's comments about being careful to not do twisting motions when stimming. Not much of an exerciser myself but my yoga instructor seemed to think that everything else (not too jarring) was fine to do.

Cat, Galloping

wow, that's impressive!


Your health holiday sounded great! Glad to have you back and raring to go...


Welcome Back Honey, Missed you!


Missed you Thalia!


welcome back. miss you when you're gone :) but glad you went. keep up all the god exercise activity. i, myself, am done sitting on my ass. have gone back to karate and swimming, etc. hugs.


Welcome home! We missed you!

Sounds like complete bliss (am v jealous of nookie!)- and the food! congrats on the weight loss and svelteness, I've found my big gym ball thingy to be a good thing to help with my back and is fairly low impact- during stims I don't respond particularly well so don't hurt as much as others I think so found it fairly easy to do. After epu was a bit trickier as my ovary hurt then.


Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a nice trip!


Sounds like a great place. Well, you know, except for the wheat-free pasta.

I'll bet you're looking quite hot!!


Goodluck Thalia!!!


I couldn't have made it through a cycle without yoga and pilates - some say no twists because the ovaries are distended and could cause torsion.

Glad you had a great vacation - it sounds like a dream! And fsh of 2.3 - yowee!

Lut C.

Welcome back!

Your holiday sounds wonderful. Just the thing all of us could use. :-)


Glad you're back! Your vacation sounds heavenly. I'm glad your back is feeling better, and how great that you've also lost weight. We often feel so frustrated and yucky about our bodies going through IF, it's great to be able to start a cycle feeling good about yourself physically.


I can feel your serenity in every word. I hope you can maintain it for at least a little while back at work.
Glad to have you back.


thalia, re your comment on drspouse's blog:

I think that the tlc approach is so incredibly important that I didn't do IVF with Edinburgh Fertility Disservices because their TLC has vanished into the black hole of NHS disorganisation.


Glad your holiday went so well and full of relaxation. Hooray on the tighter body too!

Mary Ellen

It's great to have you back Thalia! I am so glad that you enjoyed your trip. It sounds like a wonderful time. Congrats on the weight loss!

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