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Wednesday, 30 August 2006


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Oh Thalia, I'm so pulling for a successful cycle for you both! All crossable parts are dutifully crossed. I can't even convey just how much I'd like this cycle to be the one... Hang in there... Grow little follicles, grow!

Lut C.

Lol, and how does the science of skirt length tie in with ART? Though I'm sure wearing red heels with style is just that. :-) I couldn't pull it off, that's for sure.

Wishing you the best for this cycle.


hi thalia-- i want to thank you for providing so much detailed information in your blogs. it is very much appreciated, esp since my natural inclination is just the opposite most of the time. i just want to hide and let someone else take care of it and tell me what to do. probably not the best route.

anyhow...sending you all sorts of good thoughts and wishing the best of all outcomes.

ps. i changed my blog from babyangst to www.bicyclebuiltfortwo.blogspot.com i need more anonymity (sp)

waiting line

I'm rooting for you.

The image of Dr. Condescending (what a lovely name, heh, heh) in red high heels is hysterical. But now I've got the image of the flowery-wrap dress AND the shoes. What is WRONG with this woman?? I think she's lobbying for you to change her name from Dr. Condescending to Dr. Ho.



Yes, the happy wanding confusion was an English-English to American-English translation issue. I was similarly confused once by a British ex-pat friend (early in our friendship) when she asked me if I would enjoy some of the pie she had brought to a dinner party. She meant would I like to have a piece, and I thought she meant would I enjoy eating the pie (as opposed to disliking it).


Thank You.


Funny - I think it's just us Americans misunderstanding you - not anything more!

I hope things look good for you on Monday/Tuesday... will be checking in!

Mary Ellen

I am hoping that everything is looking great Monday and Tuesday. I will be checking back.


In her line of work, Dr. C could at least have the decency to be pleasantly plump and a dowdy dresser.


I think an American would have asked, "Are you OK with me doing this." When I read it, happy implied emotion rather than willingness.


Such a wealth of information you are!


Your knowledge and understanding of ART is getting more and more impressive. Very interesting and I'm sure a very useful source of info for a lot of womenout there! Good luck with this cycle!


Just wanted to weigh in that, as an American, I got the phrasing...and plus, yuck...no offense, but who would take it that way?! Just to be clear, do they trigger you when the lead follicle is 20 (not the 16mm, they're sacrificing, but the next biggest)? It wasn't clear, since it looks like the last cycle they triggered you on Sat, not Fri, when you had a 20mm. (and OMG, you organized your blogroll, that still freaks me out...) GL!


Dear Thalia, so now we know. I laughed my head off retrospectively, imagining Dr. Condescending asking, with eyebrows pumping up and down à la Groucho Marx, whether she had hit the spot. Yes, I think "happy to" is a Brits and Yanks thing -- one that I don't even notice any more. Still, it's not one that usually causes consternation, unlike "Shall I knock you up in the morning?"


Not confused at all on this side of the pond!


It is so good not to be confused about one thing at least.


Thalia, You are better at explaining ART than most doctors hon. I am soo hoping for a successful cycle for you.


Not confused here either, but I have many years as a non-native speaker. It's funny how some things translate.

Wishing you lots of luck!


Hi Thalia - I always enjoy your scientific analysis. I learn so much from you. You manage to explain in plain ole English all the medical mumbo jumbo that is lost on me. What would I do without you.
I have every body part that I can think of crossed for you for this cycle. I'm heading out of town until Tuesday but I'll check back to see how the follies have grown. Grow follies, grow!


I figured a tight short skirt was automatic with red heels? And yes, snark is funny, especially from you. I hope everything goes well with retrieval.


I knew that Dr. Condescending meant "are you OK with," but still I found it funny that it could be taken the other way. Especially since you said that she was good at it!

Anyway, wishing you luck with all of this. I hope this one goes all the way.

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

Thalia -- you rock with the information! You are my kind of research-y, analytical type of gal!! ;)

And I can relate to "bigger-issue" type of posts brewing...in fact, I apparently had so much "brewing" in my mind that when I sat down to write a post about our sucky wedding anniversary, a bunch of other stuff ended up spewing out simaltaneously! Sigh. In the end I just went with it, and dumped a bunch of stuff involving MANY issues all into one post.

I don't know, sometimes it is better to just get it out and all written down! :)

Wishing you much continued good luck with this cycle. It sounds like it is coming along well!


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