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Thursday, 20 July 2006


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Miss Thalia - Congratulations on getting the cycle moving.. wish I had talk-my-way-into-appointment skills like that.

Really, it's great to hear.



Hmmm...I wonder if the real issue shouldn't be pregnant and not signing guestbooks?! I've been following along and, yet, I just realized that I haven't said "hi" in a while. I'm sorry!

In any event, congrats on starting cycle #3! Well, perhaps congrats isn't the right word since it's horribly unfair that you have to be here, but I am, nevertheless, excited that you're moving with it and I am hugely hopeful. Tell your doctors office, btw, that I say they are annoying. I'd have been hollering immeidately but, then, I've lost all patience with that sort of thing and you are obviously a better person. :-)


I agree with Meg, I realize that I often stop myself from posting comments because I don't want to make people feel like they have to come over to my blog to catch up to return the favor or anything like that. But I think I posted to you about that before.

Yay for getting started! And I'm with you that starting supression and thus getting dates and ducks in a row is very much the start of the cycle.


That's great. It's such a relief to feel like you are actually doing something again (even the waiting of this month will be different to previous months of waiting). I have just started the stim injections today and I am very grateful to be this far down the track once more. Hopefully this will be the one that works for both of us.

Womb in waiting

Well, fingers crossed for you this cycle. I'll be touching base with you to support & back you up all the way here in blogland. Thinking of you.


I can definitely relate to the feeling of "doing something," however small this may seem to the uninitiated. You have a goal, you're working toward it, and I am praying that your ovaries are ready to go.


Good luck with this next one Thalia...and enjoy any time you and hubby can grab!

Robber Barren

Good luck with this new chapter, Thalia. May it be the last chapter of your IF book, with a happy epilogue to follow!


Good luck with your cycle. I am sure hoping that this is the one for you.

Take care


I hope that you get the all clear tomorrow. Nice job on getting the appointment with Dr. C! I think that dealing with all these doctors has definitely made me better at standing up for myself.


Cheers to your new chapter Thalia. I hope it is very, very fruitful.


I'm glad you're getting started again. I've got everything crossed over here for you. I so hope this cycle is the one.


It's hard to strike a balance between being cautious and hopeful. I can relate. On the one hand, you don't want to deal with the disappointment if it doesn't work, on the other, you can't help hoping with all your heart that it will. I think it's great if you have people that can hope with you, as it takes a little bit of the burden off of your shoulders. Here's hoping!


It must be such a relief to feel like you have some idea what your schedule is going to be for the rest of the summer. Keeping everything crossed here that this will be the one for you guys.

fisher queen

I hope the ovaries look perfect tomorrow. I also hope Dr. Candour gets a new assistant ASAP. Why do they make it so hard? Hmm?


It goes without saying that I hope everything is fabulous with your ovaries and you can get started again. I love your new category name.


Thalia, I totally know what you mean about feeling like you're starting again. I felt completely lost right after our failed cycle - and just having a "plan" for the next one, even if it's 3 months away, has changed my outlook completely.

Wishing you all the best this go-round!


Good luck at your appointment, hopefully your ovaries will cooperate. I hope that this cycle works for you. I will keep everything crossed and keep checking in.


Tomorrow is the big start? That is great. I'm so glad you got the appointment stuff straightened out, too. Yikes.


hope everything is just as it should be tomorrow. thinking lots of THIS IS IT type thoughts for you. xo


Yay for the brand new start. I'm going to keep my fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you, as always.

chee chee

I am glad that your cycle is getting started. Good luck with tomorrow's appointments.

BTW -- thanks for checking in on me.


Thalia, it's GREAT to hear that you're moving along with the next cycle. I have got everything crossed for you.


Lut C.

You sound like you're doing good.

Good luck with the upcoming cycle.


Oh, I hope to read that your cycle is a go tomorrow!

Fertile Soul

That's great Thalia, I'm so glad you're moving on to the next cycle. I start stims around Aug 3. Good luck this cycle.

'Nilla @ Vanilladreams

Well, I really hope that the ovaries are "cooperating" and that your new cycle is a go!! Look forward to hearing an update soon -- wishing you all the best!!


Great that things are moving for you and that you can get in a holiday away as well beforehand.
On the pregnany blog thing - I don't blog (in fact your is the first blog I have ever read) but I do message board and I know that there it feels hard to post pregnancy news as I worry that it can come across like rubbing salt into the wounds. It is even the case in a group I am in of women who succeeded once with IVF and are trying again for a sibling that pg news after around 12 weeks when the usual scares are over doesn't always seem welcome. Perhaps thats more the message board problem though rather than for blogs.


Good luck with your scan tomorrow. Glad you have a plan.
But most importantly:
May it be the one.


Thalia, I'm so glad that you've been able to start again so soon. Waiting is desperate.

Like everyone else I hope this is the one.


Hi, Thalia. I'm glad that you are starting a new chapter, and I hope that it will have a very happy ending.


Wow, talk about "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again." I can understand your need/desire to get back into it, though. I wish you all the luck in the world this time around. I hope that the end to your heartache is not far off.


Thalia--I hope the appointment and the scan goes well...I will be thinking of you! Hugs!


I hope today's scan went well--I'll be thinking of you.

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