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Friday, 21 July 2006


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I'm so glad that you get to move forward. Your holiday plans sound divine, as does Dr. C's recommendation that the other Dr. C take special care of you. I think it's a great recipe for jumping all the rest of those hurdles.


Great news. And your next cycle starts on my birthday, so nothing can go wrong.


So glad it went well with Dr. Candour and that you're cleared for takeoff. And a Thai spa will be just the thing! Yay!


Hi Thalia! It's great to hear that all the bits looks good, and that things are getting underway, in spite of the "stealth fibroids." (But if the docs aren't too worried about them, I guess you shouldn't be either!)And how jealous am I of the upcoming spa vacation? Yum!


excellent about the impending cycle AND the holiday plans! i swear to god, the worst part about all this IF stuff is not being able to plan anything. it's driving me nutso. hey, Thalia, if you don't mind, visit me an read my latest post - any thoughts??


Awesome, Thalia, to have a plan and a vacation to look forward to. Me too!

Yay for being able to see Dr. Casual!


The trip to Thailand sounds amazing. I read in Red magazine a few months back of a couple who went to a clinic that was in the Carribean or something and offered a holiday scuba diving, massage etc.) as well as the IVF.

Urban fertility myth here but I have to share it. We were back in Wales a while back and heard news that a couple who my husband and the friends that were were staying with went to school with had their second baby. She is an equity partner in a big law firm in Cardiff and he is a journalist (irrelevant but it gives shape to the story). They are 38 and have a seven-year-old and were trying for ages (about three years) for second baby with no luck and "unexplained fertility". They did about three IVF cycles. They had set aside cash for a fourth and then decided they would stop trying (you can see where this is going) and accept that they had one child and that was how it was going to be. Anyway, they took the IVF money and went on a full on luxury trip to Dubai where they conceived and their baby is now seven months.


I want to come with you guys to Thailand-- sounds great.

I also love that Dr. Casual will be "keeping an eye on you" for the whole next cycle. I think it does make a difference in how at much more at ease it can make you feel. We bypassed all nurses the last cycle and dealt with the doc pretty much all the time, and it just felt better.


Glad there were no endometriomas. I hope you'll post pics of Thailand, sounds exciting!


Zen, Vacation, and a Plan... it's a promising, promising start.


I'm so glad that you get to take your vacation and that Dr. Casual will be keeping a close eye on you!


It all sounds like very good planning to me. The trip sounds fabulous, and I can't wait to hear all about it. It's great that you'll be working with Dr Casual this cycle, since you get along with him so well.


Ahhh! Vacation, spa, cycle. Sounds perfect. Hope the fibroids are completely benign.


Wow, that vacations sounds fantastic.

Womb in waiting

All great news & extra great news to know a wholesome holiday awaits you...just what you need before new cycle. The holiday does sound like a bit of bliss - good for you.


What a great thing to look foward to. Hopefully you'll be nice and relaxed to start your next cycle. A shame about the fibroids, but hopefully they are small enough and distant enough not to get in the way. Wouldn't it be good if we could just zen them out of existence?!


Exciting news T,
Enjoy your vacation and wishing you nothing but success with your upcoming cycle! The Thailand spa sounds like what I need at the moment too, want a buddy to be Zen like with?


Any way you can sneak all of us on that spa vacation?

Mary Ellen

A spa vacation in Thailand sounds absolutely wonderful. I am so happy to hear that you are cleared to try again. Hugs.


That all sounds wonderful, well, I'm neutral on the fibroid news. But, it's good to have some good news plus a holiday to top it all off!

fisher queen

Good news lady! Keep it coming.


I'm glad that there's a plan and you're moving forward. It's weird, though-we always tend to cycle together, or at least, around the same time (I start OCP's hopefully tomorrow for FET#2, with my transfer possibly around the time you start your cycle). So, it looks like we'll be cycling around the same time again!

Thailand sounds divine-I hope you have a great time.....and it's great that Dr. Casual will have a bigger part in your next cycle. You're on your way!


So happy to hear the good news! And a trip to Thailand sounds heavenly. My brother and sister-in-law have just spent the summer there (he was working there) and had a wonderful time. It sounds like a great pre-cycle destination.


This is great news. I'm so glad you have your doctor situation sorted out, and that you've been green-lighted to go on what sounds like a wonderfully relaxing vacation. August 21st is only a few weeks away, and coming off a vacation, you should be well-rested and ready to go. :)


Congrats on making it over hurdle #1. Your vacations plans sound fabulous. I hope you have a great time.


Glad to hear that things are well. I really hope the Thailand trip goes well! I have started Acu for my upcoming IVF and it has really started helping (that with the massages and just eating better. :o)

Best of luck and I'll be checking in!




Yay! How wonderful... glad it went so well with Dr.C.


Urg, bloody fibroids. The holiday sounds fantastic. Can I come!!!


Good news, gotta love the clean ovaries!!

waiting line

Excellent news Thalia. I hope you post pictures from Thailand! - it sounds lovely.

I'm off to Honolulu before our 2nd IVF cycle. Stims start mid-August.

Here we go!


We are also planning a vacation before our next cycle. I hope yours does wonders for your body and soul.


may your holiday do wonders for you both, a great start to a cycle. Enjoy :)

Urban Chick

great news that you are managing to get away for a holiday

i had forgotten how f*cked up our holiday schedules became during treatments - we never could plan and were always juggling the 'i might be' scenarios (stimming, being scanned, in the early stages of pregnancy etc. etc.)

hope you have a lovely restful time


That holiday sounds awesome! I'm so jealous. :)


I wish you Good Luck and will send happy thoughts your way.


The spa sounds WONDERFUL! You'll really be Zen when you start up again.

Oh, and tell the fibroids I said to bugger off!


Wow, that holiday sounds incredible. I hope it does you worlds of good both mentally and physically. Enjoy and savor!


That's my birthday. Hopefully it'll be a lucky day for you.

Truly Tested

I think that spa is a fine plan indeed. Have a wonderful time!


I loved Thailand when I visited 2 years ago - I am so jealous!

I am glad to hear things are progressing, T.

Great progress.


Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

Take care and good luck


At least you are getting proper care. My grapefruit sized fibroid was only discovered because I had palpated it myself. I grew another, intra-mucosal. Both swelled to huge sizes during the pregnancy, but the placenta implanted well away from both of them, and our daughter was born hale and healthy. AFAIK, there are no real remedies against fibroids, just the general taking good care of yourself ...


I've been away and am late catching up on your news. I'm so proud of you for moving forward. I know there must be a lot of mixed emotions wrapped up in all of this. I'll be hoping my hardest that this cycle has a happy ending.

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