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Saturday, 29 July 2006


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Using the due date calculator is absolutely normal... right?! I swear, every time I O I figure out when I would be due. I am in the 2ww and totally understand frustration. I hope your time comes soon!


Optimistic and positive are both really really good problems to have :) Sending you all good wishes for this cycle!


Sometimes even the most defeated among us sometimes need a boost of optimism to fuel us for the upcoming round...

So hoping Thalia... that you are able to replicate the elusive magic formula yet again...


and hoping alongside you thalia. with all my might.

Lisa at Baby be Mine

I believe in the power of positive thinking. Wishing you all the best!


I am hoping that everything goes just right for you this time.

Take care


I'm hoping that you get exactly what you want this cycle. Hope is a great thing so I say just go with it. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that this cycle is the magical one for you.


Oh Thalia, you make me laugh. I think 'all over the place' is the best way to describe what this roller coaster does to us. Optimism and caution in the same post. Hope and fear.

I definitely hope your case of optimism becomes a chronic condition.

And I know how you feel about the cycle working again because it did last time. I am also very scared about how I'm going to cope if it doesn't. That little bit of success can set the next benchmark ... and I really don't want to fail this time.

Good luck with this one.


The power of positive thinking is that it at least makes you feel better right now. You are a remarkable woman, your tenacity is amazing.


I am glad you are going into this with hope. I am also hoping for you.


Optimism is good. Think of it as speeding up mightily before a hill, so that the impetus carries you a fair bit of the way up.
And those thoughts about potential dates -- both the good kind and the bad -- are just another kind of preparation to get you up that hill.

Here's hoping that hill is much, much smaller than expected, and that your impetus carries you not only across it, but across the next one, and the next one, and the next one, until you find you've successfully traversed the entire daunting countryside with energy to spare -- and an adorable new passenger.

And now I'm going to lay this metaphor to rest.


I can relate to this. I guess because I've gotten pregnant on each of the 3 tries where we actually had something to transfer, I've developed a certain smugness about the getting pregnant part. Its the real-live baby piece I'm finding my self less optimistic about. As I approach my final cycle (because I'm NEVER doing this again), I find myself thinking "if it doesn't result in real-live baby, then just let it be a negative and get it over with already." How's that for a great attitude?

I glad you are feeling optimistic about your chances and I really hope all your planning for next cycles, etc. proves totally unnecessary.


Just to reiterate what others have said, optimism ain't so bad! I think it's great to start a cycle with a great attitide, so don't knock it. Sure, it feels odd, but enjoy it.

fisher queen

Yes, I enjoy it. Hopefully it's there for good reason!


I so understand what you are feeling. I'm stressed about my FET in September. Yes I got pregnant with my last cycle, but that doesn't mean that I'll be so lucky this time. Part of me wants to go with the "I got pregnant last time so I should get pregnant this time" feeling, but it isn't working.

And then there is the whole, if I get pregnant will the baby die again at 14 weeks, question.

I totally get you. I really do.

Lut C.

The cycle will go as it goes whether you feel optimistic or pessimistic. So, enjoy it as best you can.

Isn't that horrible, another factor out of our control.


I miss optimism. I hope it is a permanent aspect to your personality for this cycle and ever more. It beats being glum.

Good luck!!


I miss optimism. I hope it is a permanent aspect to your personality for this cycle and ever more. It beats being glum.

Good luck!!


It sounds like you're in a really good place as you start this cycle. I hope that it proves to be totally well-founded!


Well, if you get pregnant this time, it will have been because you ... just RELAXED and went with the flow.

Kidding. Just kidding.

It's a game of chance, and the more often you try, the more likely you are to get lucky. So chance is on your side ;)


i hope you continue to marinate in your positive feelings! it sure beats feeling down.

Mary Ellen

Thalia I am so glad that you are going into this cycle with optimism and hope. I hope that you have something to celebrate at the end of it. Hugs.

waiting line

good for you - having a persuasion of a "positive bent" is great. and as for those damn due date calculators, shit, I use them all the time - even when that voice keeps telling me "don't do it - don't jinx it!" so superstitious!


Sometimes I think so far ahead it stops me doing anything now.
I'm in completely the opposite frame of mind with our cycle, I'm trying to force myself not to be totally negative, but then I get scared of optimism ... crazy ...


Glad you're feeling optimistic. Remember we are all hoping for you.


I hope your optimism pays off this cycle!


I'm so glad you are feeling optimistic. I hope this cycle is the charm.


Grab on to that hope, Thalia, and don't let it go. I am hoping, and wishing, and praying for that May baby for you.


I'm glad that you are embracing the hope and optimism that you're feeling right now. I'm hoping and praying that your perseverance and positive attitude will be rewarded with a happy ending very soon.


You need doses of optomism and hope to keep you going. I hope the magic formula works again. But better this time, you know.


Enjoy feeling optimistic while it's there, hopefully you will end the optimism with some good news! Sometimes we all need a little optimism and not constantly be dragged down by negativity.


I like to ride the optomism wave as long as it lasts. If it feels good, do it! I am glad to hear that your spirits are up for the next cycle.


So glad you are feeling positive right now. I am pulling for you!


I think optimism is always a good thing. Glad to hear that you've got hope as you move forward.


I hope so and fingers crossed!!


The parcel arrived today ;) You are a sweetie and made me giggle. Thank you :)))

Anyhoo, back to the commenting. I feel the reverse. It has worked once and it will not happen again as it was just a fluke and in the wrong place anyway. With our minds, we are doomed but I say you enjoy your feeling of positivity for as long as you can.


Nothing wrong with a little optimism. I hope your hopeful feeilngs bear fruit!


Hang on to that optimism! You'll need it once the hormones start raging. ;) Wishing you nothing but the best.

fisher queen

My British friend, I have left you a comment at my place. Smooches and cheers!

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