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Tuesday, 25 April 2006


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Carrie P

That is great. So pleased you are feeling encouraged about this cycle.

One Half

I love the sound of ELEVEN. That's what they got out of me yesterday! So I feel connected!

Wonderful news...great ovaries...go girls!!!!

Glad to read that you feel encouraged and releved! I keep it all crossed for you!

Take care and good luck for the rest of the cycle! keep us updated...and thanks again for your wise words over at my place. They are as always more than appreciated!



Oh wow! 11 is fantastic ~ I want this to work for you so badly.

11 is brillaint!


Consider me officially impressed, dear Thalia. If hoping for you were an Olympic discipline -- and it should be, you know -- I believe I'd have a good chance at a medal. And if that makes me sound as competitive as your right ovary, so be it!

May this cycle and its outcome be nothing but madly happy for you.


Eleven is great! Everything's crossed for you here!


Hooray! Those are fantastic numbers!

Lola Badeggs

I have EVERYTHING crossed for you!


Glad you're letting some hope sneak out! 11 sounds good! :)


Whooo-hoo! You are a good egg farm Thalia.

The follicle sizes look fantastic, they will keep growing and you are right on track. We ARE going to get pregnant together.

Take care for now. Are you getting boob pains too?


That is such great news on all the lovely follicles (and sounds like they're all within a nice size range too!). Let's keep on chugging, girls!!


Fantastic numbers, Thalia. Good luck, and lots of hugs.


woohoo....11 sounds great! when is retrieval? (you have to forgive my ignorance abt IVF.)


11 sounds great! Way to go Thalia! Good luck on Thursday...grow follies..grow. I will be thinking of you and crossing my fingers!!


11 is totally awesome! I love Dr Gorgeous, though wish she could do it all in one scan. 11!!!

You have 11 great reasons to hope.


Tag...your it! See my blog for more details.


Well that is great news! 11 sounds good to me. Good luck!


Girl, pass me one or two of them there follicles :)

Lookin good!


Eleven! So wonderful, so lovely!


Eleven is good, sounds like all is on track.


How wonderful that things are on track. May things keep moving in this very positive direction. I so hope this is it for you, Thalia!


WOW!!!! Those are some great numbers all around. I'm hoping for you.

My u/s tech plays slow jams (think Barry White) & hums as she weilds the wand. Plus there is always a team of students learning crammed in behind her. I'd SO rather have a silent tech!


Eleven sounds fabulous, hopefully all good and ripe and ready to go....


next time??? what next time?


Hoping that this is the LAST time, for all the right reasons!


Eleven is great. I'm here with all these others hoping along with you.


Congratulations on a great scan! Good luck!!


Excellent news, Thalia. 11 is grand. Hoping the news continues to be as positive!


Those numbers are looking lovely.


Woo Hoo! I'm so excited for you and hoping for continual good news!

k #2

Exciting news! :)




Well done, ovaries, well done!! I'm so happy for you, and I hope that this wonderful trend continues throughout the rest of this cycle!


Eleven? And they sound so nice and even...this is looking promising, Thalia...:)

Mary Scarlet

Rock ON, eleven! Great!

waiting line

WOO-HOO! 11 is grand!


Not only do you have a great number, they all seem to be around the same size, which I hear is good. Such great news! I think a little hope is in order.


Wow! 11!!! I am so excited for you. I feel like I'm going through your cycle with you, and I can read the hope in your words. You have no idea how much I'm hoping this is it for you.


Things are looking excellent, and I couldn't be more delighted! Eleven! A lucky number, I am certain. It seems like this protocol has done really well for you so far.


Wow! 11! Wonderful! Keep up the good work! ;)


Yipppee! What a great number.


That's an awesome follicle count!


Woohoo! Eleven! And a really good eleven, too, it looks like. I'm hoping with you that this is a sign of things to come.


I am so proud of you and your ovaries! You go girls! ELEVEN!! (Doesn't Eleven look funny in all caps?)


Eleven sounds FANTASTIC!


Turn those ovaries up to ELEVEN!! nice. p.s. "slacker" ovary - LOL!!! (i bet that's the one that produces the magical embie - it's always the slackers who come out on top ;)


Fabulous U/S news! Eleven will be outstanding. I am jealous of your slacker ovaries haha!


11...way to go...things are looking good. So glad things are going so well for you. Lots of grow follie vibes to you!


Wishing you nothing but the best. Great report so far.


Eleven, WOHOO! Sounds like things are moving right along. It's hard not to have hope, or else we wouldn't even attempt this shit. Thinking of you and all those beautiful follicles.

fisher queen

11! Good job!


That sounds like a perfect cycle. I'm hoping for the best for you.

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