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Saturday, 30 July 2005


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Hi Thalia... good luck with this cycle. I've been lurking your blog for a few days, but didn't want to leave a post until I was all caught up.

A blog of pure cliches would probably be fun to write... hmmm, maybe the muse is going to get off her lazy butt and inspire me.

Enough Already

Clomid gave me headaches and hot flashes. Also made me tired. Still working out? good for you. I claim to this day Clomid made me fat as well.

Skinny pregnant women? I hate 'em all. When I was 16 weeks, people at work were whispering behind my back about how much wieght I was putting on.


Clomid gave me killer headaches. And made me gain weight, too.

Good luck with this cycle!


Ohh! Good for you on the furniture! I'm still sitting on the same couch that George bought six years ago from Rooms R Us (or something like that). One of these days, we'll pony up the cake for some "real" couches.

Good luck on the cycle!


Clomid is the devil's drug... it made me have multiple personalities -- some with head-aches, some without. And hot damn, it looks like i can blame my weight on Clomid also.

I love your comments about the flowers from the fertile SIL. I totally pictured my grandmother's southern voice saying "Did you see these hideous flowers she sent? Wasn't that so nice of her?" :)


I think a funky haircut is the perfect reason to go to a party (sickness from the drugs being the perfect reason to leave early!)

chee chee

I would have opted for the sofa with hubby. What did you decide to do?


There's not a lot worse than playing the game of wondering whether someone is or isn't pregnant. It would have been much more gratifying if she was just getting chunky.

I hope you went to the party with your funky new haircut!

Good luck with the clomid - I didn't have too many side effects. Just clomid moments, like the time my coupons got sucked into the conveyor belt at the grocery store and the checkoutlady wasn't very nice about it. I had the strength to bad my groceries and get to the car at which point I sat there SOBBING for probably five minutes. And the beauty is, the whole time you know it's the clomid doing it, but you just can't stop it.

May your clomid moments be far and few between.


I love you very much pretty thalia and i hope you get pregnant very soon, and enjoy your pregnancy. In addition, my family and friends call me "mad about thalia"..

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