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Thursday, 28 July 2005


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I don't think anyone's losing patience with you! I think we all know where you're coming from - we desperately want to know that we're okay, we're normal, we *will* be able to do this.

In some ways I think we have too much information available to us, we can find out all the negative possibilities that our doctors would never tell us about. And that will probably not affect us. But at the same time it lets is be so much more a part of our treatment rather than just passively aggreeing to whatever the doctor says (which *can* be wrong sometimes).


Here's to Clomid & here's to positive thinking darling! Why shouldn't Clomid do the trick? I watch & wait with anticipation.
Isn't funny how the sperm test business can be so harrowing for men. It really is important for them to know that they are producing lots of healthy sperm. In many ways, I think that male factor infertility must be such a hard road. It just seems to be a different story when it's the woman who has to endure the treatments,the procedures & the failures. Maybe we are built with better coping skills & tenacity? It's always been a comfort to me knowing that it's me in the stirrups & not my husband.


How nice of H to acknowledge the unfairness of it all. Moments like that can mean so much. I hope the clomid treats you well - but be forewarned, I don't think I started getting the hot flashes until a couple days in. On the otherhand, it means it's working, right?

And I just had to add, I LOVED that you told Suz to "Keep passing the open windows." That was one of my favorite quotes and I had completely forgotten about it. It does seem so appropriate here, huh. Irving rocks.


Mellie beat me to it, but I wanted to comment on your Irving quote too. I LOVED it! I haven't thought about that line in forever and it was just perfect perfect perfect.

Wishing you godspeed with the evil clomid. Take heart--it does actually work sometimes.


Good luck on this cycle! I hope it works for you, too. I've never had to do the clomid route, but I hear such lovely things about it! ; )
I'll keep track and check back on you frequently to see how you're progressing. I really hate that anyone has to go through a struggle to try to have a child. I think people who really want children would be great parents. I just don't understand the logic of all these "unwanted, accidental pregnancies" and people who would do anything to have and raise a child. Boggles the mind. I do wish for you and H to have your little wee one. I'll keep you in my thought and prayers. I wish everyone could be happy! Be well!


Clomid did bugger all for me but I am sure it will work out for you. It does raise your temps a little when you are charting so don't be concerned. One other good side effect was it seemed to stop AF quicker too.


Clomid works great for tons of women. I truly hope you're one of them. I didn't feel side effects until AFTER I finished my little pills. Maybe you won't get any of them and just some beautiful follies.

(Another huge Irving fan here---I got to see him give a reading once and he was hilarious).

chee chee

Men say the darnest things. Your husband sounds like a winner.

Good luck with the Clomid. I didn't have any major problems with it.

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